TYING IPHONE TO BALLOONS PRANK!! **this shouldn't have happened**
FaZe Rug
I pulled a funny prank today by tying fake iPhones to balloons and making people think it was their real one! The reactions were hilarious!!
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If you read this far down the description I love you

  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug

    subscribe or I’ll tie your real phone to balloons and release it

    • Jonny Donovan
      Jonny Donovan


    • Jeffrey Calderon
      Jeffrey Calderon


    • Nazifa & Tasnim
      Nazifa & Tasnim

      FaZe Rug bring back Jessica

    • Mia Gacha_Edits
      Mia Gacha_Edits

      Dang ok boss

  • Taš Kolman
    Taš Kolman

    I don't like the girl she is a thot. She is disrespectful

  • Evolve Spirit
    Evolve Spirit

    who else saw this in the new faze video?

  • brynarde

    Mw2 red tiger is awesome

  • Sanad tr gaming
    Sanad tr gaming

    8:53 I well go get it because I have a lot of gf in my phone😉

    • Conejo Malo
      Conejo Malo

      Lol nice one

  • 50_Flight_ lol
    50_Flight_ lol

    Did rug say " she dont trust me in the relationship "

  • Jeilyn Ramos
    Jeilyn Ramos

    Save the turtles

  • LightMythHunter

    Guys can I hit 14 subs plss?

  • Vickie Walker
    Vickie Walker

    I would Chase that bitch

  • Blue Man
    Blue Man

    Watch 2:19 fast af

  • Alexa Luis
    Alexa Luis

    Lol nvm that was funny

  • genesis arenas
    genesis arenas

    Just make this the camera guy Chanel

  • dank_ Shrek_meme471
    dank_ Shrek_meme471

    Press the like button make it blue if you like FaZe rugs TRsoft channel↙

  • Josiah Arias
    Josiah Arias

    I wouldn't care cause I don't have a I phone

  • S Bland
    S Bland

    You’re gonna kill animal after the balloons come back down to the earth. Animals eat them

  • Hyper Hound
    Hyper Hound

    The Naruto disappear Jitsu sound effect tho. Yeah I am watching this pretty late

  • Ben Horsfall
    Ben Horsfall


  • Young Yellow
    Young Yellow

    13:39 who else can see the Security camera

  • Jade Fisher
    Jade Fisher

    What happened to your homeless friend rug??

  • Marina Campos
    Marina Campos

    i would cry

  • Rayan Butt
    Rayan Butt

    When you said what would you do if you made our phone fly away with the balloons I would take your phone we have the same phone but my phone is blue

  • It’s ya boy Deegan
    It’s ya boy Deegan

    You killed turtles and I oop skskskskksksksksksksksksk save the turtles

  • A kid with a lot of subs So go sub right now
    A kid with a lot of subs So go sub right now

    Rug can u plz not curse like u used to plz I’m a big fan

  • Ats Angerjas
    Ats Angerjas

    the idea was good but u failed with colours...just shows how hard u even try to be real....:(

  • Ats Angerjas
    Ats Angerjas

    Dude, u literally let white phone in the air, while he had black phone...like cmon bro, rigged...

  • Brandon poop
    Brandon poop


  • Simi Vaea
    Simi Vaea

    kaelyn sounds like mable from gravity falls lol

  • Happy Fam
    Happy Fam

    We know your cars license 2Z6-4W5

  • exestential

    Bruh if that would've been me and you made a joke about the cloud... id be heated

  • Waseem Alshurman
    Waseem Alshurman

    Killing turtles we have 12 years make it more

  • TanTanWoah

    Brian please get back with Kaelyn you guys are so cure

  • G money Nation
    G money Nation

    Yo bro you always make lit videos and it keep it up

  • Fail stunts
    Fail stunts

    A iPhone I will just sit there look at it go

  • snakebite0909

    The balloons won’t go to space they will pop from the pressure high up in the sky

  • Junior Cerda
    Junior Cerda

    you should have given them the paintball gun

  • Marlen Lazaro
    Marlen Lazaro

    But save the 🐢🐢🐢

  • Roxana Izaguirre
    Roxana Izaguirre

    How CAN YOU GUT A 10000 BLOS 😂😂😂😂😂👌

  • Johana Pink
    Johana Pink

    Kayln and faz will be the best couple

  • Makana Christian
    Makana Christian

    wait why were u in mira mesa.

  • Angel Villegas
    Angel Villegas

    That prank was funny

  • NoBle_ RajibODT
    NoBle_ RajibODT

    17:38 is the part of the video I hate

  • Jaden Berube
    Jaden Berube

    Love you rug but that’s bad for the earth

  • Maria Garcia
    Maria Garcia

    The camera man is so annoying

  • Seia Cheyenne Sitagata
    Seia Cheyenne Sitagata

    papa rug w the darts 💀💀💀

  • Chandler Perry
    Chandler Perry

    they didn’t block out the plates at party city

  • Adonis Dragusha
    Adonis Dragusha

    2:19 how fast he flip the phone lol

  • Crafty Weirdos
    Crafty Weirdos

    Brian u didn't blur your licence plate

  • Jovan Kozmi
    Jovan Kozmi

    My dad died on 8/10/19

  • PineappleGamingYT

    my b day is the day he posted this

  • Secret _Niels
    Secret _Niels

    Faze rug my mom is verry sick and she does not have the money to heal here im grinding for TRsoft so i can help my mom do you have tips please give me Some tips ITS MY MOMS LIVE I CAN HELP SHE WAS THERE OLWAYS FOR ME IM NOT JOKING I CAN SEND YOU PHOTOS OFICIAL DOCUMENT CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME WHIT TIPS TO GROW UP SO I CAN PAY MY MOM HER HEAL .. please 10 seconde of you WRITE CAN CHANCE MY MOM MIVE AND MINE .. please help i dont wana lose my mom please give me tips ..

  • Ahmed El Hefni
    Ahmed El Hefni

    We didn’t see were the balloons went

  • christal reyna
    christal reyna

    your camera man is more of a narrator than anything, he’s trash. 😂

  • The Stauffer Family
    The Stauffer Family

    I wonder where the paint balls went

  • HH Clips
    HH Clips

    Wow that intro though 😂😂

  • Alejandro Ontiveros
    Alejandro Ontiveros

    You know it Dosent go to space right

  • DaKiD

    I thought you bought all of them new phones when they held it over the bridge

  • Akram Productions
    Akram Productions

    15:53 Brian: Can i get a Hug🤗 Kaelyn: Cäń ł gęt â Hüg Kaelyn again: no you can’t get a hug🤗 LMAO🤣🤣🤣

  • Akram Productions
    Akram Productions

    The three people you are pranking is Kaelyn, Anthony, and Jay I did not cheat:)

  • brokenfronthead

    where the fuck do you think those paintballs landed?


    After how many times you prank them if you actually mess up tell be like where's my phone