The Brilliance Of Kylian Mbappé | 2020
The Brilliance Of Kylian Mbappé | 2020
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  • MNcompsJR2

    He's just getting better and better. Hope you enjoy the video. 🙏🏽

    • tene diakite
      tene diakite

      the perfect video Kylian mbappe you are 2 video

    • Oghenakogie Imoedemhe
      Oghenakogie Imoedemhe

      CR7 Mix Nimes

    • I’m so Fruity
      I’m so Fruity

      Michelle Michelle how do you hate the music 😂

    • Michelle Michelle
      Michelle Michelle

      Hate the music but love your work Keep the music down

    • Patalo

      The official channels of Ligue 1, Rmc sport, Bein france, Canal + etc...

  • Weedy Uchiha
    Weedy Uchiha

    Nice video

  • finesse merchant
    finesse merchant



    earn as the computer runs @WDe8

  • madjc31

    attendez qu'il soit recentré, vrai axial comme à monaco

  • Julie Farmer
    Julie Farmer

    Think if Liverpool put a bid in they could get him ....I know people calm down . But just admit it Liverpool are a force now !!! Think what klopp could do with him 💖

  • Awg Afizal
    Awg Afizal

    Reminds me of thienry henry.

  • Akram El Jarhal
    Akram El Jarhal

    Another video of mbappe 😉🙏🏽

  • Murray

    This is such a shit video, the close angles you can't get a sense of what is really happening, don#t make compilations like this, use normal full angles

  • mousdial

    Très beau montage

  • Steve Ser
    Steve Ser

    What is the song please?

    • Steve Ser
      Steve Ser

      @Ogopa in antilles🤨

    • Ogopa

      Were you living under a cave?

  • Art' Gesso
    Art' Gesso

    Cadê os BR?

  • Hilde Camino
    Hilde Camino

    Estúpido MBAPPE!!

  • Mohammed Hassan
    Mohammed Hassan

    Awesome shooting skills and speed one of the best players in the world who is better him or Neymar mbappe like Neymar comment

  • Mohammed Hassan
    Mohammed Hassan

    Speed, skills shooting 100 percent

  • seema saada
    seema saada


  • Exture

    When Mbappe comes to Madrid along with all the young talent they’ve been collecting it’s going to be rough for other clubs

    • Joseph Seka
      Joseph Seka

      Rafael Guti this year summer 2020

    • Rafael Guti
      Rafael Guti

      Coming to madrid next year. Mbappe 2020

    • Ogopa

      He ain't going to a sinking ship.

  • Ray1x

    World best player Who is Ronaldo and messi or even trash neymar???

  • David Shand
    David Shand

    Big fish in a small pond

  • George Rut
    George Rut

    the music please

    • MarcbookPro

      Young Thug ft Travis scott and gunna - Hot ;)

  • Nod Nuaj
    Nod Nuaj

    Great video! Cheers from France

  • D B Cooper
    D B Cooper

    Your editing is pants mate

  • Dr Doom
    Dr Doom

    See what he's all about when he gets to liverpool

    • Dr Doom
      Dr Doom

      We don't need no players we are the best team in the world liverpool #1

    • Alexandre Jacquot
      Alexandre Jacquot

      dark vapor time Liverpool can’t afford him. He’s going to Madrid

  • Suparat Srinak
    Suparat Srinak


  • Zato Ozora
    Zato Ozora

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="119">1:59</a> that Looks dope

  • Zato Ozora
    Zato Ozora

    Like for the music✌🏿

  • MANpro 107
    MANpro 107

    Very Good video, It was fun!

  • Gracelynn-grace Gracious
    Gracelynn-grace Gracious

    The video, the skills, goals,edit are lndeed hot💥🔥🔥🔥💤🔥🔥💥🔥💤🔥

  • Matheus Mengui
    Matheus Mengui

    Omg, he is learning this skills with Neymar, obviously. But he still have to tranning a lot to do the same way than Neymar.

  • Dkdkdd Jsjsjd
    Dkdkdd Jsjsjd

    For you mbappe can become stronger than cristiano Ronaldo and messi in future?

  • samer farah
    samer farah


  • fabien dyleinski
    fabien dyleinski

    Ronaldo le brésilien en version 2020 et en mode robot !!

  • Ali.CR7. Nike
    Ali.CR7. Nike


  • Chris Don't Miss
    Chris Don't Miss

    Whether you like Mbappe or not - That editing is just sick and this channel deserves as many subs as possible. That's some real artwork.

  • Jimmy and the Resurrection
    Jimmy and the Resurrection

    Mbappe has not developed yet. He's a humble youth so he'll get there.

  • Umar Khan
    Umar Khan

    1st song

  • Umar Khan
    Umar Khan

    All NEYMAR skills😂❤but still love him❤💪

  • Ken Charles
    Ken Charles

    this edit with that song 🔥🔥🔥

    • Ken Charles
      Ken Charles

      Razorback Razorback Hot - Young Thug

    • Razorback Razorback
      Razorback Razorback

      Ken Charles whats the song called

  • Chris omari
    Chris omari

    Mbappé play like Ronaldo in (step over) (the chop)

  • JLJ 8000
    JLJ 8000

    🔥🔥🔥 Future fire like mbappe

  • Frank Frohmann
    Frank Frohmann

    Great video. Horrible music.

  • MSabbihis Ali Akbar
    MSabbihis Ali Akbar

    mbappe mimics Neymar's skill

  • Diana Oeri
    Diana Oeri

    Neymar has influenced his style of play so much lately

    • you 10
      you 10

      CR7 mbappe say that in interview

  • Mauricio Neto
    Mauricio Neto

    One of the best edits E isso porra



  • HN football
    HN football

    This is awesome

  • cam0techunks

    music gay af!

  • Busta Mc
    Busta Mc

    Il joue comme Cristiano Ronaldo, ils ont l même technique de dribble, like si c'est vrais ✌

  • Rene Recinos
    Rene Recinos

    Thanks ✌

  • Monikaakash aakash
    Monikaakash aakash

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="185">3:05</a> Karim Benzema's brother found 😎

    • Te G
      Te G

      He doesnt look like him

    • NYFootball


  • Alban


  • Takpaa


  • NMR X10
    NMR X10

    Bro this edit is on another level 😍🔥 plz don’t delete this video


    DOPE!!!!!!!!!! 👌🔥

  • - パワーKanji646
    - パワーKanji646

    what a video😍😍 bro you’re AWESOME

  • Carlos Almeida Santos
    Carlos Almeida Santos

    Dude, the song in the video is just...bro... awesome

  • slay_sensei

    Liit🔥 The song?

    • Hâsiny TV
      Hâsiny TV

      Your welcome :)

    • slay_sensei

      @Hâsiny TV Thanks !💯

    • Hâsiny TV
      Hâsiny TV

      EzyUzumaki Young Thug ft Travis scott and gunna - Hot

  • Bylorenz 84
    Bylorenz 84


  • pawnoir

    Too many FX, I'm done

  • Azashh

    Lourd la vidéo mbappé ;)

    • slay_sensei

      Mdr un fr👌🏼

  • Fidelity Mapahla
    Fidelity Mapahla


  • Jean Mikail
    Jean Mikail

    follow jeanmikail_ on instagram

  • Bastafaya Baraka
    Bastafaya Baraka

    Super 💪💪💪👍👍

  • daniel maldini the legacy continues
    daniel maldini the legacy continues

    imagine if he plays with vinicius jr allow me MNcomps ! here -->

  • Just Being Factual
    Just Being Factual

    Summer 2020, tik tok... Hala Madrid

    • slay_sensei

      @Fahmi Benbarka lol

    • Fahmi Benbarka
      Fahmi Benbarka

      leonardo say may be he can go in 2021 2022 if he want not 2020 ;) you know you is leonado?.

    • Fahmi Benbarka
      Fahmi Benbarka

      @Just Being Factual no he tell to leonardo he want wait resultat in ucl to psg for know if he leave you not if psg do 1/4 yes i think psg can do nothink but mbappe dont tell he want leave for psg this spanish media haha se queda big joke media spanish 100% fail with neymar verratti marquinosh mbappe just bla bla like you but in the real world this not like media tell you kid.... reme er kid 2019 2018 2017 you born in 2019 kid this reason why you know anythink? 😅

    • Just Being Factual
      Just Being Factual

      @Fahmi Benbarka Only thing he won't do is signing a new contract, say goodbye to ur beloved player.

    • Fahmi Benbarka
      Fahmi Benbarka

      yes bla bla like 2019 2018 2017 but he dont come may be one day but psg will never sell mbappe 2020 trust me fanboy real fan ;)


    Editing skills is just amazing👌🔥 great video

  • Eric Rossoni
    Eric Rossoni

    Future goat 🐐

    • Theo man
      Theo man

      Next ronaldo

  • Leonardo Lopez-Cerda
    Leonardo Lopez-Cerda

    Neymar is helping mbappe evolve into a world class player.

    • KyileMbappe 10
      KyileMbappe 10

      He’s been a world class player before neymar his skill when he was on Monaco was crazy

    • Awg Afizal
      Awg Afizal

      In terms of mentality yes. In terms of skill, he is on par with neymar.

    • you 10
      you 10

      @SWAT 1611 bla bla bla you will see this years mbappe will win the ballon d'or

    • you 10
      you 10

      @ken azinec Modric are the same génération than Messi or Ronaldo

    • ken azinec
      ken azinec

      And yes, it's obvious the kid got some pointers from neymar..and maybe even de maria

  • Le football c’est mon art
    Le football c’est mon art

    Nice mate 😀⚽️ .

  • MK7H

    Neymar jr K, Mpabbe

    • RAVEEAL martile
      RAVEEAL martile


    • MK7H

      @NyOn KhAn yes

    • NyOn KhAn
      NyOn KhAn

      @MK7H neymar is too much better than mbappe

    • NyOn KhAn
      NyOn KhAn

      @이수인 icardi 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • MK7H

      @이수인 hh Icardi is not best