Suzie tries the Aprés Gel-X Nail System
Suzie creates long Coffin Nails using the Aprés Gel-X Nail Extension Kit. Suzie demonstrates the steps to apply the tips, and includes ProTips to take them to the next level.
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  • Nail Career Education
    Nail Career Education

    Just wanted to let you know that the Aprés Gel-X Extension Kit is available to Pro's and DIY'ers 😀:

    • Joelle  Navette
      Joelle Navette


    • prchix

      Would love to know how long these nails lasted

    • Vicki Lutz
      Vicki Lutz

      you can’t do refills you would completely need to do a new set each time

    • ashton duff
      ashton duff

      @Nelsey Flores 90% rubbing alcohol

    • Jen Shaw
      Jen Shaw

      @Akvile Alisauskaite tnbl are the UK stockist. They're based in Birmingham. If you Google tnbl there website should come up

  • mari

    What kind of bit are u using on the cuticle??? Also what kind of bits would you recommend if you have sensitive cuticles?

  • Carina Christensen
    Carina Christensen

    What kind of drill bit are you using to clean up the cuticls?

  • Denise Calabrese
    Denise Calabrese

    Maybe next time instead of holding the form down with your finger use a clothes pin? Or a small rubber band?

  • Abigail Robbins
    Abigail Robbins

    Do they have different lengths as well as shape, because I love the coffin shape, but that length of nail would drive me insane

  • SilverTongue

    Isn't this basically press-ons but with gel not glue?

  • Kim Ames
    Kim Ames

    Are they sturdy? They seem like they would pop off the nailbed.

  • Angelica Hernandez
    Angelica Hernandez

    How long. Do they last?

  • M M
    M M

    Thank you so much for doing this video! This helped me troubleshoot some issues I was having with applying my own Gel-X nails.

  • Minhal 9
    Minhal 9

    Why to buff the nails before playing gel polish?

  • Alexia T.
    Alexia T.

    I love the way she giggles over the tiny little lamp 😂😂 so cute!

  • eslita123

    Sorry it seems so impractical, waste of time

  • Tori S
    Tori S

    Would it be possible to paint and design the tip on a practice hand and then apply it using the gel x and cure it? I’m not very good at painting my own nails so it would be easier for me to do it all before applying the tip. I’m just not sure it would be able to cure with that many layers of gel and designs

  • Racheal Hart
    Racheal Hart

    I just don't understand why they wouldn't scuff up the tip during the manufacturing

  • Jenny Camara
    Jenny Camara

    What can be used as a substitute for the extend gel bottle?

  • wendii D
    wendii D

    I wish they would send me a kit hahaha

  • lzconvictedzl

    Your videos are long & boring. I don't know how you have all these subscribers. There are quite a few gel x videos that are quick and informative on you tube that are way better than yours.

  • Superior Place
    Superior Place

    I cringed when all the gel flooded the cuticles XD because just like you I prefer perfect smooth transition to natural nails 😊

  • DJas118

    I was wondering if you could help me. I love using fake nails, such as from brand Kiss Nails. The last time I used them, when my thumbnails grew back they were crinkled! It’s taking them so long to grow out the dented part of my nail. It’s just so weird. What did I do wrong? Did I choose too small a nail in the set? Did that squeeze my nail and cause the crinkling to happen?

    • Nail Career Education
      Nail Career Education

      Oh dear, I'm not sure what happened . If you are concerned, you might want to see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis.

  • Sarah Drain
    Sarah Drain

    Very interesting, thank you for posting!

  • deedee dalia’
    deedee dalia’

    i have my natural nails hella long but i still watch susie because she’s amazing :’)

  • Elizabeth McEldery
    Elizabeth McEldery

    Are the tips strong. Regular press on nails that long are not so just curious. I know these are not press on.

  • Kimeshia Pitter
    Kimeshia Pitter

    Thank u Suzie ur videos has help me to improve my skills

  • Butterfly Kisses - Rita Gathercole
    Butterfly Kisses - Rita Gathercole

    Thank you for another absolutely fabulous video!!! Kindest regards and best wishes God bless Rita G xxxxx

  • Jacquelyn

    We had a dremel at nail school because they said the students kept dropping the nail drill. Eventually they replaced with a normal nail drill lol that's crazy for a school to do that.

  • tiana

    I would love to see Jenna marbles try this

  • Larisa Pfleegor
    Larisa Pfleegor

    I have very wide Cuticles so I like tips that have wider ones so I don’t have gaps.

  • Carlos Alvisurez
    Carlos Alvisurez

    I just got this cuz of this video n I love it but in my kit I didn’t got the 00 like you did why is that???

  • Alana Brown
    Alana Brown

    Can someone tell me what bit she’s using on her cuticles?

  • Teresa Brinkman
    Teresa Brinkman

    I just don't get into these tip over nails kits. That TINY lamp seems goofy, this system seems like building press on nails, just No.. sorry but ty for your videos!

  • ana amaro
    ana amaro

    Would this work with any tips and using clear gel polish and uv to adhere to nail?

  • Elizabeth Landry
    Elizabeth Landry

    Hi Suzie, do you know which is the best school to become a nail technician in Calgary?

  • Taalibah Walker
    Taalibah Walker

    Are these as durable then aryclic

  • Jennifer Cunningham
    Jennifer Cunningham

    I'm so happy you did a review/ instruction for these!!!! What do you think if I did a DIY cheaper version of clear full cover tips and a ibd clear hard gel?? Same thing????

  • Alyssa Lauren
    Alyssa Lauren

    Do you use Normal nail polish when using this kit or do you have to use gel?

    • Nail Career Education
      Nail Career Education

      Gel polish is applied on top of the tip, yes you could also use Nail polish on top of the tip for a finished look

  • Stephanie Lafontaine
    Stephanie Lafontaine

    Suzie you should check out xtenze kit as well. They are about half the price, also come french white and have a cover pink gel. Bonus is that the undersides are already preroughened

  • Inna Day
    Inna Day

    Wow very nice nails

  • Anita Raymond Nails
    Anita Raymond Nails

    new nail page!! follow me and i will follow back! :)

  • Nat Peraza
    Nat Peraza

    I love your commentary and attention to detail, you are so relaxing to watch and you make it so easy to learn.

  • Nikki Rojas
    Nikki Rojas

    Where can I get the nail file for the cuticle area? I've never seen this one before

  • C C X
    C C X

    Could some one tell me if i need dehydrator and primer from apres for these to work?? I have everything else apart from those?

  • ItsSoRefreshing

    Hey Suzie! What are the benefits/drawbacks of the tips being made of gel instead of plastic?

  • Jamekia Swepson
    Jamekia Swepson

    GREAT VIDEO. Inspired me to find a certified person to do my nails using this technique :) Also had to follow you were very detailed and honest.


    hi suzie I have only been watching your video's for the past 7 days, but absolutely love the way you do nails, I have learned so much and im no nail tech, after watching you im inspired to do my own nails.I love your personality and your theme music. god bless

  • Marie Gando
    Marie Gando

    I would love to try this system, but I am concerned my nails have become very thin and brittle. Is this system easy to remove, I just don't want to damage my nails more.

  • Aliah Hernandez
    Aliah Hernandez

    I feel like people just keep coming out with ways to do your nails the lazy way.

  • Humaira Ahmed
    Humaira Ahmed

    These are still considered tips? Not acrylics? Wondering why

  • Menoetia

    just a tip: "aprés" is pronounced as "ah-prey," not "ah-pree". ;) Makes sense that it's named "after gel" though.

  • Kari McDonald
    Kari McDonald

    Need that cuticle bit!

  • jamee Gasson
    jamee Gasson

    So I saw that you applied right into gel polish. But is this usable with colored acrylic and able to be drilled smooth or is the nail itself acting as the enhancement as the acrylic?

    • Amélie

      The nail tip itself is the extension. It takes away the need to apply and shape acrylic or gel

  • Laura Collins
    Laura Collins

    What do you do when you need a infill x

    • Amélie

      Remove them and reapply

  • mary.elle

    Your ring is gorgeous! May I ask where it's from?

  • Crystal Davis
    Crystal Davis

    How long did they last

  • Agnes Hahn gacha
    Agnes Hahn gacha

    2hat I love about your vids (I'm new here btw😊😁) that your voice is so calming and entertaining for me like if I'm stressed like I Was stressed earlier because of editing our film for school and then I watched your vid heard your voice it calmed me so ty for your lovely voice and thank you for the knowledge your sharing to us

  • Jeanny Villalona
    Jeanny Villalona

    Me: oh I wanna try these I look at the price: 😰😶😢 Me again: might as well buy the glue on nails from Walgreens

    • Emerald

      Jeanny Villalona check out some of the dupe videos! I bought everything I needed (minus the items I had already) for $30 on Amazon. I bought dehydrator, primer, two types of clear builder gel (one to adhere my nail and fake nail together and one to use on top of the fake nail for strength since I tend to be rough with my nails). You might have some of the items already like a file, uv lamp, fake nails, etc. Hopefully this helps!! Good luck!

  • TheGossipgirlxoxo69

    I think that every other method is easier..

  • Noomwa Lis
    Noomwa Lis

    That uv light seems like a royal pain

  • Delilah Bautista
    Delilah Bautista

    Do you have to push down the cuticles or anything?

  • Bella Adriana
    Bella Adriana

    can you show a video of you doing a new set of these??

  • sarah Harris with love
    sarah Harris with love

    Have u ever had nails real and fake break when u r tying to make tjese videos?