Summer Walker - Playing Games [Audio]
Summer Walker
Summer Walker - Playing Games
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  • Dom Money
    Dom Money

    Nice fax Play No games and no cap 🚫🧢 🔥🔥🔥

  • Maddie !!!
    Maddie !!!

    Is it just me or does the song sound sped up

  • Heavyn Gabrielle
    Heavyn Gabrielle

    yooo, here we go. apps tryna take over 🤮

  • 1&only REIGN
    1&only REIGN

    I love this song. I like how she remixes say my name by Beyoncé on the hook

  • Baby Lit
    Baby Lit


  • QueTonya Patton
    QueTonya Patton

    My daughter love this song

  • Shai Edwards
    Shai Edwards

    i can sing just like this i thought this was me

  • Pia Greenlaw
    Pia Greenlaw

    Summer SANG SUS 😻

  • Arlette Pezqueda
    Arlette Pezqueda

    Lmao this cool buh she took the lyrics from say my name say my name😭😭😭😂😂💞💞💞💞

  • Becky Marie
    Becky Marie

    She used the same words as say my name for one part.

  • Aida Ozuna
    Aida Ozuna


  • LoverofSelfLove

    she canceled the rest of her tours. not that she cares but people will now hate her for this "/ My cousin is crushed. she was supposed to see her in charlotte on her bday. so sad

  • Anna

    *aCtInG kInDa sHAdY*

  • Too_crzzy_lilliee __
    Too_crzzy_lilliee __

    Da chorus sounds familiar🤔

  • Keiley Garland
    Keiley Garland

    People who dislike must have their phone upside down 💛💛

  • Aztek Warrior
    Aztek Warrior

    I’ve listened to this song 3 times and I always zone out and forget to listen to the lyrics

  • Melissa Vaught
    Melissa Vaught

    Am I wrong for saying that Jacquees' version is better?

    • Monica Makeovers
      Monica Makeovers

      Melissa Vaught yes

  • Vanessa Williams
    Vanessa Williams


  • NJ223Gaming

    *Anyone else here because of Hailee Steinfeld?*

  • T Naomie J
    T Naomie J

    Come on nah imma need atleast two more verses with this song most def need to be 4 min long or longer 😛

  • famous niya
    famous niya

    "all i ever ask was u to show me some love"😍😍

  • Itz_Emma .O
    Itz_Emma .O

    Just realised this a sample from Say my name

  • Wonho’s Titties ‘jackie’
    Wonho’s Titties ‘jackie’

    hold up. this sht gots me feeling some type of way 😭

  • Amira Flu
    Amira Flu

    This song is my new favorite😍

  • Sosa3double0

    How can you hate this...

  • Manu Linda
    Manu Linda

    Beyonce, Kelly and Letoya wrote that!! 😍

  • SG Lashun
    SG Lashun

    This bitch hard in ima nigga 💀🤷🏿‍♂️✈️

  • Nevaeh Sampson
    Nevaeh Sampson

    Mah shit 🙏😷🔥✌️❤️

  • Chase Patterson
    Chase Patterson

    She smell doesnt she!!

  • Chase Patterson
    Chase Patterson


  • Wadner Charles
    Wadner Charles

    I Watch You

  • Al

    R&B is making it's comeback :)

  • iPhoon
    iPhoon #iPhoon the artist checking in if you like cool music with wavey Vybez 🤟🤟🤟🤟🎶🎶🎶 check my channel out

  • Mimi Dice
    Mimi Dice

    I love herrr ❤️

  • Lorard Almore
    Lorard Almore

    She my new favorite singer damn I love her voice


    Ladies please calm down 😌

  • scarlxrd songs?
    scarlxrd songs?

    It's a 1 hour version

  • tete deg
    tete deg


  • Temicke Rossouw
    Temicke Rossouw

    "All I ever asked you was to show me love" That hit me on another level. 😢❤️💯

  • treasur !
    treasur !

    bryson tiller, sza or jhene aiko on thissss bro 😭.

  • Jaydn Dominique
    Jaydn Dominique

    I hope you guys can see this in the middle of all these comments! but I did a cover would be awesome if I could get some feedback just 2 mins thank you !!!!

  • Louis Vuitton Von
    Louis Vuitton Von

  • Rising Image1K
    Rising Image1K

    Summer you on your Rihanna wave with these 2min songs.....

  • Dee Greer
    Dee Greer

    Im a dude and i jam this shit faithfully

  • Rahima

    Awe she ain’t coming to TX

  • Que C
    Que C




  • Lilly Curlyhair
    Lilly Curlyhair

    Just love your songs summer u really needs to make your tracks 3-4minutes long 💕💕

  • Minna Yves
    Minna Yves

    This makes me wanna sex myself

  • Lilkai Armani
    Lilkai Armani

    Girl make the song longer boo

  • Queen Joceline
    Queen Joceline

    Sorry I had to play this song again.

  • iris Lee
    iris Lee


  • Mary Jordan
    Mary Jordan

    ❤❤❤ love it👍👍

  • TLC 93
    TLC 93

    So I need to learn the lyrics ASAP

    • TLC 93
      TLC 93

      She makes the songs so short so that u can keep coming for more.

  • InLightOfTruth

    This song is such a tease it's so good wish it was longer!🤗

  • Charmz

    😩😩😩❤️ This song here

  • Simply Niya
    Simply Niya

    10 seconds into the song .. ME: *REWIND THAT SHIT SHE JUST SNAPPEDDDD*

  • lisa Braxton
    lisa Braxton

    I really love your music and style please dont stop making music. 😘☺ Your biggest fan

  • secretsn thesauce
    secretsn thesauce

    2 words : Chris Brown .

  • Maroon Horizon
    Maroon Horizon

    You know how many damn times I’ve played this song 😭😭😭

    • Tanya Forte
      Tanya Forte

      8ififfkdkd$a is?jauurudi dr iri