Summer Walker - Come Thru (feat. Usher) [Official Audio]
Summer Walker
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  • Paper Chased Me
    Paper Chased Me

    fire beats 🔥👉🏾

  • Marcus Andrews
    Marcus Andrews


  • Florian

    Ush should be in jail for double murder.. The old and the new beat..

  • Ashish Gershom
    Ashish Gershom

    I loved this song ..superb ..plz watch my INTRODUCTION TO MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS some rare instruments and artists ..also watch my guitar cover playlist ..u would love it ..lets be friends ..🎸🎸

  • Julian Soria
    Julian Soria

    I been bumpin all her features , i aint even know this was her too! Girl got HITS



  • Kaylah Jones
    Kaylah Jones


  • Tatiyana Carterel
    Tatiyana Carterel

    I feel in love the first time I heard dis😍🥰

  • Chanelle Harrison-Hodge
    Chanelle Harrison-Hodge

    usher make me wanna come thru

  • Dee Elle
    Dee Elle

    Usher & Summer didn’t have to bless us like this 🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎

  • NaKyia Chiane
    NaKyia Chiane

    This my son 🥺💗💗💗💗

  • Khadijah Hawkins
    Khadijah Hawkins

    This is my music

  • Justkeys.28


  • kwon


  • Ravioli 23
    Ravioli 23

    A very good song !!! ☝

  • Shawn Muthethe
    Shawn Muthethe

    good vibes i love summer walker

  • lols 4L
    lols 4L

    Loved it when it first came out and I still do STRAIGHT FIRE!!!!

  • Starr Hogan
    Starr Hogan

    what is that mean

  • Ron'The Prince
    Ron'The Prince

    Our group just debut our first song pls share and support 🙏🏽

  • ade Aga
    ade Aga

    Nice finish <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="159">02:39</a> usher

  • ade Aga
    ade Aga

    Nice reverb on the <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="50">00:50</a> come thru

  • nisey holden
    nisey holden

    “U make me wanna come thru”🔥🔥🔥

  • Str8Deenin47

    Plz shower 🤢

    • Str8Deenin47


    • Follow the DAMN train
      Follow the DAMN train


  • Sensei Beats
    Sensei Beats

    those lips.... GOD DAMN!!!!

  • Str8Deenin47

    Stinky 🤭

  • Famous Ced
    Famous Ced

    i love your song

  • Lord : Enlightened Luciferian Prince 2.0
    Lord : Enlightened Luciferian Prince 2.0

    She's extremely talented! After everything she's been through! She still rockin'!

  • Ashlee Alzu
    Ashlee Alzu

    summer walker is my favourite fucking artist

  • Dymond Dyva
    Dymond Dyva

    This one hit hard💃🏽💃🏽💋

  • Bryt

    The beginning has been stuck in my head for days 💕

  • milly trucking
    milly trucking

    Love u bighead 😘😜😘🖤🖤❤❤❤🔥💯

  • Ezaria Hardy
    Ezaria Hardy

    This My song

  • Ammar Saleem Gurmani
    Ammar Saleem Gurmani

    came here for my bro, Usher. This album picture is ugly af..

  • marlene avalos
    marlene avalos

    This song make me want to kiss someone

  • DJ 4 POUND
    DJ 4 POUND

    Check out the Come Thru - Aaliyah/Celly Cel blend version,

  • Janelle Martin
    Janelle Martin

    Love this song

  • ben uchida
    ben uchida

    Goo goo ga ga face ass

    • Follow the DAMN train
      Follow the DAMN train


    • degenerate male
      degenerate male


  • Kym Joy
    Kym Joy

    I love this song and the original version for my ringtone 😍😘🥰

  • tyanna edwards
    tyanna edwards

    first time: ahh its lagh second time: ok im fillin this! third time: YOU MAKE ME WANNA COME THRU!

  • Berkeley Willingham
    Berkeley Willingham

    My favorite

  • Linus Emmanuel
    Linus Emmanuel

    Fantastic usher everyoung still brings back usher old memories cheers

  • grizz Lee
    grizz Lee

    I'm gonna say it... chris brown and dani leigh should remix this.. I promise they would take it a notch higher... I wish I could start a petition to let chris brown know to kill this shit... hell, even khelani would kill this with chris.... (I know I misspelled her name LOL)

  • The Real Roxxii
    The Real Roxxii

    I need an extended version please. Thank you.

  • Hannah B
    Hannah B

    This song is such a summer vibe ~~ early 2000's sound too

  • London Allen
    London Allen

    90's R&B vibes 💕

  • Tara Simmons
    Tara Simmons

    This is the Summer Anthem!!!! Cant wait until outside open back up!!!

  • Katharine Valentina
    Katharine Valentina

    This song is on repeat 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Dante Rucker
    Dante Rucker

    I can't get enough of this flame!!!! Can we get a video please!!!!!!!

  • Enoch Davis
    Enoch Davis

    Evan is all I can Relate to on a few verses BUT when u look in my eyes loving me nice and sloooooooooooow....... I can actually feel him inside me on that verse

  • Umanni Christiansen
    Umanni Christiansen

    I fuck wit this shit

  • •Møön•

    I gotta listen to this during quarantine

  • Jada H
    Jada H

    when she said 'i'll drop all my niqqas for you' i SANG DF OUTTA THAT .. bet y'all can't relateee

  • hovadagod5582

    This is a GEM!

  • Willie Montanez
    Willie Montanez

    That 2nd chorus tho..

  • Manne Feroz
    Manne Feroz

    We need to change da photo on dis video

  • tiffany newsome
    tiffany newsome

    Love the song can’t understand a word she saying

    • Dominique A. Scalice
      Dominique A. Scalice

      🤣🤣 right...

  • Breanna Cross
    Breanna Cross

    Come thru

  • JoeAngeLove

    everyone sleepin' on my baby Summer 💖

  • Lecker Jo
    Lecker Jo

    Is it me or she sounded more like ariana in this song?

  • Myliaka West
    Myliaka West

    🗣you make me wanna threw just to put it down on you 😜ayeee usher i love any song he sing on lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥👁💯🐻


    This song get me in meh feelings low key

  • Josh Mckinnie
    Josh Mckinnie

    Only other person did a Usher sample justice was Ro James w "Last Time" both songs fye as hell but the fact Usher actually jumped on it💀

  • 임도현

    Ton down Ariana

  • Bill olu Compton
    Bill olu Compton

    The voice sounds like sza /Jhene aiko

  • Allye Paringatai
    Allye Paringatai

    so my song i love ittt

  • Whitney Houston
    Whitney Houston

    Selena Gomez ❤️



  • RayaDaQueen101 RNE
    RayaDaQueen101 RNE


  • Skyler Sneathen
    Skyler Sneathen

    How many younger peopleask 'what's that wired thing in her hand?' lol

  • The Real Daze Dontrelle
    The Real Daze Dontrelle

    This lowkey my jam 🤫🥴🔥💪🏾📈

  • Stephbby 100
    Stephbby 100

    "This ain't what I'm really used to"🖤

  • Cashmere Thoughts
    Cashmere Thoughts

    She Fine..💯👏🤗💪👌

  • Laura Baines
    Laura Baines


  • xiom k
    xiom k

    Llegue por rodrigo días xddd

  • LaShanda Herbert
    LaShanda Herbert

    Love this song

  • alexis johnson
    alexis johnson

    So mad she havent came out with no music by herself !I love her so much Come on Summer give us something new!

  • Life with Kira
    Life with Kira

    Love how she do remakes & has the original person on the track!

  • Brinae Brown
    Brinae Brown


  • Cerone 747
    Cerone 747

    I love this young woman's style of singing, she is so special. This song is special PERIOD!!

  • roletta brooks
    roletta brooks

    This Ma QUARANTINE SONG!!!😷🥰

  • Holly E. Harrison
    Holly E. Harrison

    Never gets old 💗💗

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