Stray Kids "바람 (Levanter)" Dance Practice Video
Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "바람 (Levanter)" Dance Practice Video
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  • Shirly Velásquez
    Shirly Velásquez

    Me duele feo ver solo 8 :( lloro mucho

  • Pingky Hermawan TV
    Pingky Hermawan TV

    Wahh gilla hyunjin lincah bangeut kaya congcorang hhe suka aku,, keren sumpah unjin,aku juga cover lagu levanter stay soalnya kren lagunya enak bgt meskipun suara paspasan the link 👇

  • Shelly Salzabilly
    Shelly Salzabilly

    Hyunjiiinnnn 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 aduh lemes gue liat haje stylenya begini

  • Chae Yi Park
    Chae Yi Park

    King of Synchronization?

  • Marianne Vitoria
    Marianne Vitoria

    waaaahhhh Seungmin is so cutee!!!(also my bias)

  • Angelica Lalalalala
    Angelica Lalalalala

    i miss woojin

  • becca kim
    becca kim

    this song really touches me everytime and the choreography touches me even more

  • J Y.
    J Y.

    woh can tell me what is hyunjin t-shirt's brand?

  • kpopdiva101

    I’m so excited to see you in Phoenix.

  • J A
    J A

    Love From Qatar 🇶🇦

  • Alex And Piano
    Alex And Piano

    piano cover -

  • Boo chan
    Boo chan

    i cant stress enough how much i love this

  • mad rice
    mad rice

    seungmin owns this era

  • Bang chan's baby stay clowns
    Bang chan's baby stay clowns

    i thought chan's sweatshirt says lumpia im done with myself

  • Karine Sardaryan
    Karine Sardaryan


  • maria eduarda
    maria eduarda

    chan hoodie is half a trash bag... we love an environmentally aware king!!

  • Depy Sherly
    Depy Sherly

    that was epic

  • to U Run
    to U Run

    I remember Park Jin Young said that he didn't expect a main vocalist to dance well, he just needed to dance properly. However, his saying maybe wrong for Seungmin. Actually, when I first tried to learn about Stray Kids, he is the least attractive member as I regarded. Then, time after time, he has impressed me with his amazing skills. From his singing, dancing to rapping skills, I think Seungmin is doing things better than anyone can imagine. I have watched all Stray Kids' video dance practice and I think Seungmin can become a main dancer. It's not only because of his sharp movements but also his remarkable facial expressions. This boy who has a normal look becomes another person when onstage, this makes me want to give him a rapturous applause and support him in the future !

  • Sintexus

    Who else just realized that Felix's Dance is the same as Side Effects

  • Elitachi

    Anyone know where I can find the sweat the guy wear at 00:12 ? Where it says "complex" thank you !

  • Kiwix .-.
    Kiwix .-.

    How the hell do people have a bias in stray kids literally I changed my bias 4 times in this video. Duh fuck. 😂😂😂💀💀 It is a war between Lee know, hyunjin, jisung, and Chan.

  • Nfzh

    idk if I'm mistaken but i noticed that stray kids choreographies mostly need them to work together right? like the choreo would look really awkward if they dance alone. most choreos i watched mostly don't need to make a group skinships(?)/formations like they dance the same move in sync n look good even when they dance alone. but skz does different moves but in a group. seriously idk how to explain it 😂

  • La lea
    La lea

    Let’s wear all black and not tell chan

  • Prdsyun 02
    Prdsyun 02

    aku mencoba gaya dancenya hyunjin, kepalaku sangat sakit... itu kepala kaga takut copot apa ya

  • its jongdaelz
    its jongdaelz


  • Eva Glasell
    Eva Glasell

    I'm gonna try pointing out the references to previous choreos, the members might not be in the same places in the formations but I will point them out anyways since I'm not going back to check each member's position in the formations. This is just what I've noticed after a second viewing so sorry if I get it wrong or miss anything. Some of these might not be intentional but I'm still gonna add them just in case: 0:06 Looks like the ending pose of Side Effects In between these two were a lot of mirroring and members being connected/tangled but wasn't sure if it was referencing Mirror and/or Double Knot. Could just be coincidence, especially with what they're singing about. 1:25 Felix and HJ's part in Side Effects 1:43 The human wall reminded me of Side Effects and CB and HJ's placings reminded me of the Mirror choreo 1:50 Again, all the connecting reminds me of Double Knot 1:54 Hello there Hellevator, long time no see 2:11 Jisung and HJ's spinny reaching out thing really reminds me of something but I cant place where I feel like I've seen it. I wanna say Mirror but I'm not sure. 2:17 Looks almost like a reverse of Chan's first part in Miroh 2:36 They're grouped like the "cogwheel" formation (don't know what it's called) from Felix's part in Double Knot 2:44 I just wanna appreciate Felix a bit here.. that's all.. he's not even my bias (Also Jisung and Seungmin's vocals in this song... hell yeah) A lot of these could definitely have been stretched and not mean anything at all. This is just what popped into my head while watching, it really aint that serious so please take it with a grain of salt. Of course not everything needs a deeper meaning or theories 'cause in the end it's since a beautiful song with an equally beautiful and well executed dance by a very talented group of individuals. And of course we miss hearing your voice and seeing you here Woojin but that's not the point of this, just hope he's happy with whatever he's currently up to (I don't keep up with these news). Ot9 hwaiting

  • paigie inu
    paigie inu

    1:26 hyunjin has so much emotion in this part i love it wow

  • Lukis-m 1901
    Lukis-m 1901

    This song makes me (°^°)... 😪💜

  • Stay Don't Stray But Stan Kids That Slay
    Stay Don't Stray But Stan Kids That Slay

    i love seungmin's bangs & his expressions

  • Ylva

    does any one know what shoes hyunjin is wearing?

  • Nguyet Moon
    Nguyet Moon

    Idk who's wearing white pant?😅

  • Kirsty FireExit
    Kirsty FireExit

    1:54 anyone else Scottish?? That reminded me so much of The Flying Scotsman 😂

  • megger L
    megger L

    dunno why, but I replayed 0:20 at least ten times already

  • Klara Indah
    Klara Indah

    Gakuatt liatt hyunjin😭

  • Winter_Night

    Stray kids is honestly one of the most hardworking groups I’ve seen I’m not putting other groups down because each work hard on their own but I feel there is so much behind stray kids’ outer shell like you can tell there is so much more to them 😢 hopefully one day they can truly know how each one of them makes an impact in the world because they each bring something unique to the table that is stray kids and it impacts our lives by bringing energy and happiness sorry for the rant I’m all sad gorl vibes atm

  • Amy Tran
    Amy Tran

    are they really tall or is the ceiling just really low. If they jump, they would hit their head.

  • luciana ccasani blass
    luciana ccasani blass

    Here is so difficult to choose a bias

  • Linda Zhou
    Linda Zhou

    Woww beautiful 😀😀😍😍👍👍👍👍

  • Andy Badral
    Andy Badral


  • Meredith Green
    Meredith Green

    We love synchronized stomps

  • Ant_TonyLOL KID
    Ant_TonyLOL KID

    Dance Part References to other choreo for their older songs; 0:36 *Han & Changbin* Hellevator (archways during the bridge/hook of the song) 0:46 *Minho & Changbin* Mirror (could be a style they just like - mirroring dance) 1:07 *Han & Hyunjin* BTS's DNA (not their own song, but shows how they use inspiration of their seniors/idols to create better music their way, and their style) 1:26 *Felix & Hyunjin* Side Effects (almost exact dance until Hyunjin puts his hand on Felix's shoulder and then kneels in what seems like regret(?) - original had Hyunjin hold Felix's head up) 1:44 *Changbin & Hyunjin* Mirror (again but more similar with the diving line as the mirror point) 1:54 *All members* Hellevator (archways again, but more similar to original dance BUT BUT, instead of one person going in and out, Minho pulls Felix and IN out confidently and not as lost as Hellevator) -------- that is all I have noticed so far, I haven't seen much of the Cle series other than the titles, but this album brought me back. Feel free to add what I've missed

  • Dark Rose
    Dark Rose

    P-E-R-F-C-T-I-O-N =Stray Kids

  • yourtoe


  • 77幸福

    Skz have one of the best dance choreos. It has so much meaning to it

  • erick morales
    erick morales

    When see this song dance practice Me: auto focus to felix shoes.

  • Karla Aguilar
    Karla Aguilar

    This basically proves that every stray kids member is a main dancer

  • Stay Stray kids
    Stay Stray kids

    Usually they practice with woojin but what about now? They have to practice with out woojin...

  • Putri Indy
    Putri Indy

    Dancenya energik bgt & semua keliatan Ganteng 😍 luv stray kids 🖤

  • prankster gangster
    prankster gangster

    I mis Woojin If u also mis him plz like

  • 이황혜린

    2:20 isnt it just like the miroh position? 😭

  • fahrul fauzi
    fahrul fauzi

    is this new jype practice room?

  • A Ali
    A Ali

    When searching this up I wrote levanyoo ???

  • Ludivine l
    Ludivine l

    Beautiful dance... Waouhh😔❤️

  • yo hoo
    yo hoo

    I was amazed by hyunjin's shoes So what shoes is it

  • } ť h e ł ü ç ķ ý ø ň ə {
    } ť h e ł ü ç ķ ý ø ň ə {

    stray kids (minus Chan) - " Yo let's go in black jeans or trousers- but don't tell Channie Hyung" Chan - " i'm right he- i don't care-" five minutes later Chan - "let's go in black shirts or hoodies" Jisung - " I'm gonna do me"

  • Coppito '
    Coppito '

    1:25 Side effects 1:43 Mirror 1:53 Hellevator 2:17 Miroh 2:34 I Am You

  • infinitaesthetic

    Minho’s falsetto in this song will forever be superior

  • ryu

    stray kids deserved better

  • ryu

    stray kids talent is too underrated.

  • Tori Hain
    Tori Hain