Spring Nails 3D Acrylic Flowers - Complete Nail Build Tutorial - Prep to Top Coat
Suzie creates a gorgeous set of 3D Acrylic Flowers in this Step by Step Tutorial that covers everything from Prep and Acrylic Application to the intricacies of building the 3D Flowers. This Spring design is also featured in Suzie’s Free Online Magazine.
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Video Timecode links:
00:43 Prep
05:20 Acrylic Application
08:31 Shaping
14:23 Top Coat
16:09 Building 4D Flower
21:12 Reveal Photos
30:21 Adhering Flowers and Gems
39:38 Reveals
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14:23 Night Shade by Bryant Lowry bit.ly/2xJAzKa
16:06 Determination by PALA bit.ly/2Hm3FpR
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    Nail Career Education

    Thank you to Ugly Duckling Nails for sponsoring this video. If you are a Nail Pro use the Promo Code SUZIEPRO to receive a little gift with your purchase. The more you purchase, the larger the gift😀 Links in the video description

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