Prince Charles tests positive for COVID-19
Sky News Australia
The Heir to the British Throne, Prince Charles has been confirmed to have tested positive for coronavirus.
The Prince has reportedly only shown mild symptoms of the virus, and is otherwise in good health.
The Duchess of Cornwall, the Prince's wife, has also been tested for the virus but did not test positive, but the Prince is now in self-isolation in Balmoral in Scotland.
Image: AP

  • Travis Salisbury
    Travis Salisbury

    Wow, he missed all those venereal diseases with his mistresses and somehow caught that one, karma's a bitch.

  • fntime

    Fuck him~

  • Theo theo
    Theo theo

    good news. is the China virus the latest the latest rage?

  • K R
    K R

    Why is TRsoft recommending so many Prince Tampon vids?! 😒

  • Kenneth Ng
    Kenneth Ng

    The entire royal family is in a trouble now. God bless them.

  • Anthony Martin
    Anthony Martin

    CCP virus

  • Carol jensen
    Carol jensen

    Why is he even out at this news briefing?!

  • stringer 2295
    stringer 2295

    And straight away he got the test whilst millions are waiting. Let's hope the cull continues within the royal household.

    • K R
      K R

      God speed

  • StreamingMidas

    Wasn't he the one that said once he wanted to come back as a deadly virus to get rid of over population in a interview once...well there you have it

  • greg buckley
    greg buckley

    What a crock of shit he’s been playing with little boy again.

  • Trevor Petersen
    Trevor Petersen

    You say it like somebody gives a damn

  • HowardTheFrog

    so it infects reptillians...good to know 🤔

  • Dean Baker
    Dean Baker

    So what

  • Arthur Valkan
    Arthur Valkan

    So did he eat a bat or just been sleeping with one?

    • Robert King
      Robert King

      Fantastic! Fancy waking up to that each morning, things would have to get better by the minute.

  • Thiên Tài chờ thời
    Thiên Tài chờ thời

    Wish Your Majesty happiness on heaven

    • K R
      K R

      Omg, don't be so obsessed with Brit royalty. You've got enough issues with your own country's royals.

  • Nice Kiwi
    Nice Kiwi

    Lucky it wasn't prince Andrew. Imagine all the young ladies..:)

  • Noneya Business
    Noneya Business

    And I should care because?

  • ِ

    Prince Charles is self isolating with Covid-19. Prince Andrew is isolating with Jennifer - 14.

  • Vik Battaile
    Vik Battaile


  • John Riggs
    John Riggs

    On the radio in the UK: "Even a prince can get coronavirus..." they actually said that... condescending twats.

  • John Stocker
    John Stocker

    Good. He knew all about his wife's planned murder. If there's any justice his condition will deteriate and...........💀

    • John Stocker
      John Stocker

      @Alistar Mackenzie +What?

    • Alistar Mackenzie
      Alistar Mackenzie

      John Stocker

  • Andrew Vidler
    Andrew Vidler

    That's it. Now I know for sure that the whole CV deal is complete HOGWASH..!! Me thinks thou dost protest too much! They think we are all complete retards and dummies 🤪!!

    • atommachine

      It's clever very clever the test kit results are clever, fiercebiotech are clever, the virus is clever it was doing the rounds in November but Shhhhhh

  • drew sale
    drew sale

    When the rich and powerful get CV it really means that they've booted off to their luxury compound in the hills to sit this one out lol.

  • yakkattack

    Ha ha

  • Humble B
    Humble B

    Is it trendy now for the woke brigade to catch SARS 2.0? There is a grossly disproportionate number of celebrities that claim to have the virus when compared with the general population. Do these snobs not have palaces big enough to self-isolate in?

  • Amrit Minhas
    Amrit Minhas

    Send prince Charles to Wuhan to speedy recovery 😁

  • FUNNIE Boy
    FUNNIE Boy

    He’s been infected by the bad batch from Wuhan he will face tribunals where he will be executed at Gitmo



  • marinerenewable

    I can see him now, laying on a trolley in a hospital corridor.

    • Ros Nenu
      Ros Nenu

      @marinerenewable sure about his huge dick, they sent me pics once but I got so excited I deleted them by mistake, oh why! I need them now, to justify my love

    • marinerenewable

      I thought that was what you meant but wasn't sure.

    • Ros Nenu
      Ros Nenu

      @marinerenewable he's lying, as in lie lay lain, not "laying", what is he laying then? a book on the table? Or perhaps is he getting laid? You're mixing those up: lie, lay and lie as in "tell things that aren't true". Lied he has, laid he has gotten and perchance "been" laid, and lying is he now, probably, on his sofa, getting a BJ from a titted hooker . I imagine his thick long schlong and it drives me crazy

    • marinerenewable

      I think it's laying. I had to check to be honest and 'lying' is defined as a falsehood. But could Charles lying to the public in order to create some kind of 'equality' theory.?

    • Ros Nenu
      Ros Nenu


  • Bob Guttmann
    Bob Guttmann

    Radiation poisoning CANNOT be stopped with masks !!! TURN OFF the 5G NOW !!

  • keenicusxxx

    Adrenachrome addict

  • Elmer T Fuddrucker
    Elmer T Fuddrucker

    Do people really follow this king-queen prince-princess crap?

  • Rosabelle Lopez
    Rosabelle Lopez

    Get well soon Prince Charles🙏

  • Yehezkiel Siahaan
    Yehezkiel Siahaan

    Lol, this comment section. I hope he be well soon

  • Peter Ying
    Peter Ying

    If he has it. The Queen might also has it.

  • The Arcadian
    The Arcadian

    Well.....what a surprise, a globalist fcukwit tests positive for a globalist created virus..... who'd have thunk it? I bet the prick doesn't die.😲

  • Lala Fontaine
    Lala Fontaine

    Is he 71? looks like 89 to me.

  • ogenmatic

    “Rat’s ass” - not giving one.

  • duh duh
    duh duh

    Good news FUCK HIM!!😂😂

  • Yunhan W
    Yunhan W

    Good Job

  • pamela kingwell
    pamela kingwell

    If he has the virus he will get over it, end of!

  • Sleeping Cat
    Sleeping Cat

    Hug mummy Charles.

    • Peter Lyall
      Peter Lyall

      WHY???? lol

  • CrouchingWombatHiddenQuoll

    Jumped from a snake to a bat to a reptilian 🐍🦇🦎👑

    • Robert King
      Robert King

      I've a joke for you: Suppose God had to put the Garden of Eden in Wuhan. Eve would have rejected the apple and eaten the snake.

  • Monty Gerome
    Monty Gerome

    Dam get well Prince Charles

  • Sandy Clearwater
    Sandy Clearwater

    I hope he didn’t give it to the Queen.

  • Rick Hodson
    Rick Hodson

    I guarantee you the end if this thread will BLOW YOUR MIND.

  • peter lee
    peter lee

    Better having cronavirus than rust of the wingnuts 😂🤣

  • Murad Wessel
    Murad Wessel

    Oh, so he might die of this sooner than of climate change?!? Seriously, I wish him a swift recovery and that he talks less sh*t in the future.

  • Las Vegas
    Las Vegas

    You mean to tell me dude wasn't washing his hands all this time?...Harry and Meghan told you to..

    • Ros Nenu
      Ros Nenu

      il wipes son penis

  • Last Name First
    Last Name First

    I guess the " Panic Level " needed amping up... Kids these days...😂

  • Cedric Walker
    Cedric Walker

    I'm beginning to think that Jeffrey Epstein is responsible for the C0r0navirus...


    Pedovores, bring back public hanging

  • Cedric Walker
    Cedric Walker

    This guy really adores spending time w society's youth...

  • J S
    J S

    So fitting !!!!!!

  • king !!!
    king !!!

    RIP... PRINCE CHARLES (1948-2020).

  • KevinSafari

    What your VEGAN diet didn't protect you from this Communist Wuhan flu virus?

  • Rick Hodson
    Rick Hodson

    Google is uncensored right now . Go search everything while you can. White hats have taken control. Pizzagate, Adrenochrome, Hillary.

  • Samuel Davidson
    Samuel Davidson

    LOL. 0 fucks were given.

  • WhitleyBabe

    I mean, no disrespect to anyone, but we all know that he's going to get the absolute best care in the world and magically resurface all healed like nothing happened ...

  • geoff hunter
    geoff hunter

    Oh dear... Never mind.

  • Cat named Bitches
    Cat named Bitches

    Bye royals

  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen

    His son spiked his s x toys to claim the throne earlier... if Charlie lives longer than the queen well William will never be K

  • W204 C63
    W204 C63

    *People need to see CGTN the Chinese government TRsoft channel report regarding Prince Charles.* The comments section is full of CCP trolls with copied TRsoft accounts. They are saying disgusting things like they will withhold medical supplies from western countries, blaming the US for the virus and saying they hope Prince Charles dies. They are reprehensible

  • Jenny Moore
    Jenny Moore

    If we didn't believe Tom Hanks has it we sure won't believe Charlie boy has it. As a matter of fact, check your fb friends list. Heaps of people there, right. Who on your friends list has the pffft virus? Who on those friends friend list has the pffft virus? Those friends lists would cover a few thousand people.... I rest my case 😏 Last years flu which is a virus was a lot worse than this. Bring on the SHILLS 😛

  • capital punishment
    capital punishment

    He will not make it.

  • Ultron1970 mclovin
    Ultron1970 mclovin

    Couldn’t give a 💩

  • Erna Sharp
    Erna Sharp

    So what? But this has to be alarming to the extended family especially the QUEEN.😱

    • Theo theo
      Theo theo

      good news. is the China virus the latest the latest rage?

  • Peregrine Slim
    Peregrine Slim

    the Prince has relevance deprivation syndrome, apparently

  • Bird UP
    Bird UP

    Nobody cares fuck the royal family

  • Al Bundy
    Al Bundy

    jolly good job. hopefully this will remove him and the rest of the family from the world. the world don't need corrupt pompous asses like that family who lives off stolen riches of other countries

  • Dan Gleeballs
    Dan Gleeballs

    Damn.. Ive not got his name on my Famous "Corona virus victim" Bingo card... sponsored by Epstein Island Holidays

  • svatinek

    Must have got it from Epstein Island. Those young girls may not exhibit symptoms.

  • kewl malibu
    kewl malibu

    All a lie.

  • Alex O
    Alex O

    He'll blame climate change

  • Oleg koi
    Oleg koi

    This is not true

  • Brad


  • Andishae Haasan
    Andishae Haasan

    Dear Prince Charles, With all due respect I would like to request you that please "STAY AWAY FROM THE QUEEN". 🤣

  • Rob S
    Rob S

    Just goes to show how all these famous like to get around, even though they insist on us minimising fossil fuel transportation

    • Theo theo
      Theo theo

      good news. is the China virus the latest the latest rage?

  • JAMES the man
    JAMES the man

    Well at this time we can actually say that "China has committed Crimes against Humanity" on global scale!!!!

    • Peter Lyall
      Peter Lyall

      I prefer Cards against Humanity as apposed to China committing Crimes against Humanity..That's laughter on a global scale..and right now we can do with it!!!

  • Steve A
    Steve A

    Spiked andrenochrome will get these sickos. Sucks you can’t take the cure chloroquine cause it will spike your already high iron levels and kill you. All the junkies are freaking out. Bye bye blood pedo junkies