Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus despite taking precautions
euronews (in English)
Prince Charles avoided shaking hands with people earlier this month amidst the coronavirus outbreak. He has since tested positive for the virus.

  • Durgys A Ramirez
    Durgys A Ramirez

    But He Got too Close to the people anyways, they gotta be wearing masks and gloves, I mean they Can afford it, they Could wear it.

  • Livana Giovanni
    Livana Giovanni

    This virus respects no one I mean no one.... Stay home

  • Rick Jeater
    Rick Jeater

    If only his best buddy Jimmy Savile was still here to comfort him. Poor psycopath.

  • Q R
    Q R

    At last our Namaste works

  • Avocatul Poporului
    Avocatul Poporului

    Evil masons, your end is coming soon... YHWH will eliminate all this luciferians...

  • Dawn Finch
    Dawn Finch

    To be honest im not really bothered my thoughts are with those frontline workers on the nhs God bless them all

  • Omg_ Kian
    Omg_ Kian

    Then who will be the king if something bad happen to Queen Elizabeth II

    • Annizak Deveat
      Annizak Deveat

      HM is immortal


      Prince William

  • Edward Vaughn
    Edward Vaughn

    Oh, how we will miss him. Boo-hoo.

  • Lukas Navarro
    Lukas Navarro

    Uk R u happy without european union ...i dont think so

  • ishu madan
    ishu madan

    Namaste 🙏

  • TruthSeeker

    Yeah right. Sit back and watch as more actors and leaders tell the world stage they also have it. Once the "miracle" vaccine is announced they'll be telling the world to take the vaccine as it cured them, which they haven't taken by the way. Then we take the vaccine which is full of nasties and we all get sick and die. The poison is the potion. Couldn't write a more predictable script myself. Whether you believe me or not doesn't matter just see how it plays out. Stay safe

  • Omar Ahmed
    Omar Ahmed

    They are all going, only the queen will remain .

  • sandy M
    sandy M

    How lucky we are he came here to scotland. He shouldn't be allowed. One rule first him and one for the rest of us. All of a sudden it is right on my doorstep.


    Isn't it amazing how even pinces and princesses have now become ACTORS and CLOWNS?? THE WORLD IS A STAGE...

    • Zack Smith
      Zack Smith

      Covid 19 destriyed namaste

    • SupremeRevival155

      Lay off the drugs.

  • abhi gupta
    abhi gupta

    Namaste 🙏 become popular

    • abhi gupta
      abhi gupta

      @Yamna Khan are you indian

    • Yamna Khan
      Yamna Khan

      Congratulations 🎊🎉🐮

  • Jay Cee
    Jay Cee

    Is he home or is he out socializing? ???

  • shabreen vs
    shabreen vs

    It’s fake , disinformation never believe Msm

  • Abigale Superville
    Abigale Superville

    thatz for cheating on our lady Diana'

  • Stuart Howe
    Stuart Howe

    Good hope it takes them all out'there might be a god after all

  • Aaron Reid
    Aaron Reid

    Seemingly he felt not well on Friday so decides to travel upto Balmoral even though he knew he had symptoms shocking behaviour

    • Durgys A Ramirez
      Durgys A Ramirez

      Yeah, that was irresponsible, especially getting So Close to other people like that.

  • Bla Bla
    Bla Bla

    Sawadeeka 🙏

  • zenn22

    It's no guillotine, but it'll do.

    • Truth Willout
      Truth Willout

      You're kinda' naughty, aren't you? 🙊🤭😂👍🏼

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame

    Respectfully. I hope Covid19 wipesout the entire royal family

  • Tom Manley
    Tom Manley

    Did he get a tainted dose of Andrenochrome? The poor kid fucker, hope he goes to hell.

  • Sherry 7
    Sherry 7

    John <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="846">14:6</a> KJVS Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. Revelation <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="199">3:19</a> KJVS As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.

    • PhysiOSQuantum

      Papa Johns 15:2 Papa saith unto the guy choosing thy pizza: I am the crust and the cheesy yumminess, the beginning to the center end; No man cometh to harm if they choose NOT to put pineapple unto pizza. Man, I am hungry...

  • 88Gibson LesPaul
    88Gibson LesPaul

    I do not get the feeling that Prince Charles is a much beloved figure in the House of Windsor. I sometimes feel that his life has not been his own. However, I do regret his diagnosis, I sincerely do. I hope he weathers the storm well and survives. Here in the USA we do not have royalty. We merely have those who think they are.....or ought to be be..... Royals.

    • WE WUZ VIKANGS!!! n shiet.
      WE WUZ VIKANGS!!! n shiet.

      Hildabeast is your Queen . Kneel insect in the name of HILDABEAST !!! CLINTON !!!

    • Takahiko Sugimura
      Takahiko Sugimura

      well said my friend :)

  • MD CA
    MD CA


    • PontBananePoire


  • Dragos Panescu
    Dragos Panescu

    This is God punishment regardless royal status& social welfare..RICH & poor alike...the world will never be the same after this ww3..

  • mistery-ed

    Looks like poor Charles might never sit on that throne.

    • 王力

      Charles Arthus, the Lich King of UK.


    _Mummy!_ _At last... My Coronation!_ ♛

    • xpdta ooki
      xpdta ooki

      Coronation❓Coronavirus 👍

    • Vierotchka

      I'd put it like that: _Mummy!_ _At last... My Coronavation!_

    • Yamna Khan
      Yamna Khan


  • Grendel _
    Grendel _

    Maybe people who care about the rOYAL fAMILY will start taking this situation seriously.

    • Zack Smith
      Zack Smith

      So namaste dudnt work

  • F Offenton
    F Offenton

    Good. Just another globalist.

  • Disney Princess of Mars
    Disney Princess of Mars


  • Johnny BeGood
    Johnny BeGood


  • Tom

    great video

  • mark luckymans
    mark luckymans

    this is one of good news in those bad news

  • Rudolf Baresic
    Rudolf Baresic

    I thought royalties, celebrities and VIP:s were extra protected from the virus spreading mob.

    • Rudolf Baresic
      Rudolf Baresic

      @John Smith absolutely, why would this all of the sudden spread to the rich/famous.

    • John Smith
      John Smith

      Doesn't it seem odd that the amount of people who have it to a ratio of the rich and famous that claim they have it is way,way,way out of whack?

    • angeliqueinhollywood

      Rudolf Baresic it seems to me it's spreading through food and water especially at posh events

    • Rudolf Baresic
      Rudolf Baresic

      @angeliqueinhollywood Time will tell, so far it's spreading rapidly and affecting a mulitude, including the rich/famous.

    • angeliqueinhollywood

      Rudolf Baresic it seems to me they're also being targeted the most

  • likklej8

    Have they traced all his contacts?

    • likklej8

      Anthony Plaza nice I liked that one respect and stay safe.

    • likklej8

      Anthony Plaza probably did respect to you and stay safe

    • Anthony Plaza
      Anthony Plaza

      Hoping he hugged Prince Phillip

  • Vera Nika
    Vera Nika

    Maybe its about time employers and people taking this social distancing more seriously...

  • JennRAll SeveN
    JennRAll SeveN

    Why is he pointing at the woman’s vagina at the end

  • Tasty_xperiences Instagram
    Tasty_xperiences Instagram

    Hope that piece of cancer dies slow and painful

  • Russell Adams
    Russell Adams

    Now I know. Smh

  • md ziden
    md ziden

    Corona virus doesn't discriminate between rich and poor , kind or peasant. Let us all pray to the Almighty regardless on which name we call him and which religion we follow.

    • Truth Willout
      Truth Willout

      @Disney Princess of Mars By the way, Cruella De Ville doesn't qualify as a Disney Princess because she's evil. Have fun on your trip back to Mars, Cruella.

    • Disney Princess of Mars
      Disney Princess of Mars

      @Truth Willout sure troll.

    • Truth Willout
      Truth Willout

      @Disney Princess of Mars I'm the troll? You're the one who went for the jugular of 88Gibson Les Paul. This thread was doing fine and dandy until you showed up.

    • Disney Princess of Mars
      Disney Princess of Mars

      @Truth Willout That's how you really know a Troll... besides being Pic-less.. ...Spelling🤣 Good Luck with all your Trolling😎

    • Truth Willout
      Truth Willout

      @Disney Princess of Mars I hope you study ESL after you arrive on Mars. Your spelling is atrocious. In the meantime, there's this new fangled thing called Spell-Check. I suggest you employ it.

  • c. chen
    c. chen


  • Ravi yadav
    Ravi yadav

    Namaste 🇮🇳🙏

  • Shane Bond Chicago
    Shane Bond Chicago

    finally indian opted hand wishing.😁

  • Српски патриота
    Српски патриота

    Unluckiest guy ever.

    • Durgys A Ramirez
      Durgys A Ramirez

      @walk in beauty TRUE.


      @walk in beauty Love is blind....

    • walk in beauty
      walk in beauty

      I wouldn't say that, he at one time had a beautiful princess with a heart of gold but he traded her for a toad.

    • Hara Lingayan
      Hara Lingayan

      Српски патриота - At least he has now been coronated.

  • Soem Vansin
    Soem Vansin