Phoenix (ft. Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza) | Worlds 2019 - League of Legends
Destroy your doubt, face the future.
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Featured artists: Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza
Written by: Alex Seaver of Mako, Riot Music Team and Stevie Aiello
Produced by: Riot Music Team and Alex Seaver of Mako
Additional production by: Scott "Noisecastle III" Bruzenak
Verses mixed by: Eric J
Chorus and bridge mixed by: Tony Maserati
Additional mixing on chorus and bridge by: Alex Seaver of Mako
Mastered by: Scott Sedillo at Bernie Grundman
Vocals performed by: Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza
Cello solo performed by: Tina Guo
Video created in collaboration with:
Chrissy Costanza appears courtesy of Fueled By Ramen
What are you willing to lose?
You cover your wounds, but underneath them
A million voices in your head that whisper, "Stop, now"
Another twist of the knife, turn of the screws
It's all in your mind and it's fighting you
Arm yourself, a storm is coming
Well, kid...
What you gonna do now?
It's your reflection looking back to pull you down
So are you gonna die today or make it out alive?
You gotta conquer the monster in your head and then you'll fly
Fly, Phoenix, fly
It's time for a new empire
Go bury your demons then tear down the ceiling
Phoenix, fly
And now you're playing with matches, come out of the ashes
Underneath you, a million voices in the crowd they're screaming, "Stop, now"
Well let 'em swallow their pride, you're turning the tide to true believers
Got them in the palm of your hand, you're playing God now
What you gonna do now?
It's your reflection looking back to pull you down
So are you gonna die today or make it out alive?
You gotta conquer the monster in your head and then you'll fly
Fly, Phoenix, fly
It's time for a new empire
Go bury your demons then tear down the ceiling
Phoenix, fly

  • Nadro

    Can Griffin beat their best-of-five demons against Invictus Gaming?

  • Иван Клинков
    Иван Клинков


  • Kaniat que'Korethal
    Kaniat que'Korethal

    Only here cuz Chrissy has an amazing voice

  • Glorious Nemesis
    Glorious Nemesis

    Watching this gives me goosebumps

  • Kairux TFS
    Kairux TFS

    Los malditos conchetumares hijos de la p$#2 que mainean todas las lineas 3:09

  • KYAO

    Enemies Assassins : "Are you gonna today?" Your team ADC : Yes

  • Fighter

    All 3 players starred in this music video made it out of groups o.o

  • Alperen DOĞAN
    Alperen DOĞAN

    It's so powerful. I'm hyper-motivated with it.

  • diwakar dayal
    diwakar dayal

    0:07 Who the fock is that Guy?

  • edisaian31 _
    edisaian31 _

    Exijo otra cancion de kda

  • menino prodígio
    menino prodígio

    legendas em portugues pff

  • Jacky Tsai
    Jacky Tsai

    1:55 That glasses makes me smile : )

  • VipeZz

    Why are all of the lol WM songs soooo good bro wtf

  • Shett head
    Shett head

    That moment when you’re about to win against Ire and her E got you and you got outplay with 10000 dashes 2:02

  • Anh Minh Lê
    Anh Minh Lê


  • Rice Bowl
    Rice Bowl

    I don't even play League of Legends I just come for the music videos😗

  • Dohvakin

    3:09 que momento meus amigos, que momento

  • Taha Waradi
    Taha Waradi

    who's waiting for the oppening cermony ? Hope it'll be lit :p

  • João Victor
    João Victor

    16 milhoes de views e contando

  • Aloink

    Gostou de segurar no pau '-'

  • Francisco Subirana
    Francisco Subirana

    listen to the song on soundcloud, the uncompressed version sounds so much better

  • fozimastercrak sin higual
    fozimastercrak sin higual

    Como cuando te haces un 1vs1 a ti mismo jajaja gg mancos

  • Uchiha Darata
    Uchiha Darata

    Now i know why they didn't put an Na representative there

  • Mckay Rindfleisch
    Mckay Rindfleisch

    TL :(

  • Alkadias

    Damwon vs IG at finals I'm calling it

  • Gerson Hoyos
    Gerson Hoyos

    Fly Faker Fly!

  • Hararo

    Yes Lissandra and Irelia balanced!

  • Edward Loves Cats
    Edward Loves Cats

    I'm obsessed with that song.

  • Exthian

    is it me or its just getting better as i listen ?

  • Melih Erdem
    Melih Erdem

    Agen awesome rito New heros pls

  • chell

    deberían subir el proceso de como se hizo el proceso de la animación esta buenisima

  • Martin Sama
    Martin Sama


  • Sven & Joergen
    Sven & Joergen

    𝗔𝗱𝗺𝗶𝘁 𝗶𝘁, 𝘄𝗲 𝘄𝗲𝗿𝗲 𝗮𝗹𝗹 𝘄𝗮𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝗙𝗮𝗸𝗲𝗿

  • Coofy

    It is also amazing that those vids touch everyone, even those that have no relation to gaming! :3

  • Sacha Le Goff
    Sacha Le Goff

    This song is for Rekkles

  • Unknow0059

    I wonder if they asked the pro players about their darkest moments to make this?

  • Riven Senpai
    Riven Senpai

    Everyone hating on this song doesn't understand its meaning or is pepega.

  • Burn Bobquist
    Burn Bobquist

    Song is good, but the video is kinda lame. Prefer the Legends and Rise Video way more.

  • Nicole Coimbra
    Nicole Coimbra


  • AwkwardxGuy Gaming
    AwkwardxGuy Gaming

    At first I was somewhat disappointed in this being the world's anthem, but I have to admit the song has grown on me.


    Это очень круто

  • Vague Henri
    Vague Henri

    Why is it so depressing?

  • JokerGoat

    don't listen to anyone saying this song is bad, ITS AMAZING AND GIVES ME SHIVERS EVERY TIME

  • Archer Parry
    Archer Parry

    Caps, Faker, and Rookie all made it out of groups -scripted

  • Heavy Blues
    Heavy Blues

    I expected Fall Out Boy, but I'll take this instead.

  • Tosh

    Imagine if Fun Plus Phoneix wins worlds and Riot predicted it?

  • Shepard N7
    Shepard N7

    After that Fnatic games yesterday this song is much better....:D

  • Lala


  • Valber Victor
    Valber Victor

    Quem veio pelo thec ???

  • Alfred Early
    Alfred Early

    Can we not ignore the fact the Riot just straight up predicted that IG, G2 and SKT make it out of groups? (And in separate brackets for potential semifinalists)

  • Frostbite Allen
    Frostbite Allen

    The predicts are real, now we only have to wait and see who is the real phoenex.

  • TimDoesStuff

    Man this really gives me a Spiderverse vibe. Nice!

    • Zuio Achtundneunzig
      Zuio Achtundneunzig

      I just thought the same. How nice would It be if they made a animated series in that style

  • Pancate

    Phoenix has almost no hype moment, boring and generic message, alright visuals but still boring, and the singer shows almost no talent with the lack of vocal range and tone.

  • volt volt
    volt volt

    If those effects exist in the real game

  • kamilah

    It’s like POP/STARS but i’m gonna have a seizure

  • Amir Hafiy
    Amir Hafiy

    More hate comments on Rookie yes?... After RNG got eliminated

  • FarBacon BR
    FarBacon BR

    ótimo vídeo. Porem, esqueceu de por o pai(brtt) no vídeo.

  • Maro Musik
    Maro Musik

    Karma is the best Champ

  • Jogando Bem
    Jogando Bem


  • Jay Jun
    Jay Jun

    Are you going to die today? Sion: Yes but with your turrets and red buff