My Gangsta Relatives
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South Korea was one hell of an experience..

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  • Ovalord May
    Ovalord May

    I have watched TRsoft for 24 hours before

  • Milla McIntyre
    Milla McIntyre

    41 videos

  • Cahaya Nagib
    Cahaya Nagib


  • Nilesh Chandra
    Nilesh Chandra

    I have 69% xD

  • mydogdidthis

    5:15 is that..... a welcome mat inside a house

  • Liam Madden
    Liam Madden

    Stop swearing or I will report!

  • Malcolm Gilbert
    Malcolm Gilbert

    57 there’s groot at the window seat

  • jordin offei
    jordin offei

    tabbes got over 147 billion views on her channel

  • Christy Maria
    Christy Maria

    I swear to God,I Laugh Like I was Gonna Flip this World YOU MAKE ME LAUGH

  • Blustone Animations
    Blustone Animations

    1:55 she grew limbs that looks cool

  • Alex

    6:49 Jumunjin beach You never walk alone album cover

  • Xyb3r Anims
    Xyb3r Anims

    Are you a real life youtube ad?

  • Clouds

    R.I.P Tabbes

  • Moldy bread head NATION
    Moldy bread head NATION

    Right when she started at the kid saying hey my fire alarm went off 1:37

  • HaloYT_Jeremiah James Harrison_
    HaloYT_Jeremiah James Harrison_

    i live in us so yeah i wake up at like 8.00 then go to bed at like 6 am so yeah ppl dont go to sleep anymore

  • chase brooks
    chase brooks

    I have watch TRsoft for a HOLE DAY

  • The letter E
    The letter E

    Bts? Well thats another place to never visit

  • Caitlin Jones
    Caitlin Jones

    Bts is my worst nightmare and my dream

  • Kevin Hartmann
    Kevin Hartmann

    *-testing 123-* *_testing 123_* *~testing 123~*

  • Empress Studio
    Empress Studio

    I know your not that kind of Chanel but can you make a video explaining how you made the website. Even after multiple videos I still can't seem to understand how to use the website as a onlinestore for art.

  • Wolf_lover YT
    Wolf_lover YT

    I got a sia haircut

  • trxslx

    I like the roommate storyies no cap

    • trxslx

      Do u have anymore?¿

  • Ase Mui
    Ase Mui

    When u live in only country that dosent have a steriotype

  • Alex Stan
    Alex Stan

    Is she dead or som shit like that

  • Roberta Nyampong
    Roberta Nyampong

    your grandma went on a sugar rush in the morning that's why she was walking so fast

  • Koala Gaming
    Koala Gaming

    1:32 she needs a award for doing that

  • Aussie Asian
    Aussie Asian

    13 hours a day? Pfffffft I can do 23 hours and get 20 hours extra for gaming time in one day

  • the family vlog1
    the family vlog1

    Tabbes: watches yt for 13 hours Me: WATCHES YT FOR 2DAYS NONI

  • the family vlog1
    the family vlog1

    Tabbes: Grandma: go get a new phone

  • Joey Madrigal 94
    Joey Madrigal 94


  • lizndro 11
    lizndro 11

    Yo tabes what's up with your vid schedule now it messed up

  • Victor

    Not as bad as litteraly hitler...

  • Natasha Gluk
    Natasha Gluk

    i watch youtube 24/7 lol

  • Lubens Pierre
    Lubens Pierre

    She puts on her best anime dad face 2:39

  • Catracho 13
    Catracho 13

    you are my favorite youtuber (i'm only 9)

  • Zxon12345 -
    Zxon12345 -

    1:14 Look at the girl’s hand hands. TABBES U BICH

    • Zxon12345 -
      Zxon12345 -

      Don’t get it? Tabbes got us. 👌

  • Giavanna Robertson
    Giavanna Robertson

    R u luffy

  • Chase Rhone
    Chase Rhone

    Wheres are video

  • ZeOQiOfficial ‘
    ZeOQiOfficial ‘

    Gangsta Yeet

  • Pato Potato
    Pato Potato

    It's worst nightmare. The worst

  • pruple heart galaxy_ Lover
    pruple heart galaxy_ Lover


  • Liam Maps
    Liam Maps

    What is BTS?

  • Monika

    0:01 TRsoft cannot make that part of their vocabulary

  • Corrie Quigley
    Corrie Quigley

    At 6:48 10+ points n a bottle of a1. I don’t know because I live In Australia 🇦🇺

  • jikook world
    jikook world

    6:47 kinda looks like the bts album

  • Zinae Brown
    Zinae Brown

    You know when your a true TRsoftr when you watch TRsoft for 13 hours straight, not scared of anything expect demonetization, and when your body grows weak you try to tough up then end up sick

  • The Mimikyu Returns
    The Mimikyu Returns

    I just realized that Canada was called Maple Syrup

  • Enzo Kalani
    Enzo Kalani

    Your grandma is a fucking badass XD

  • Rager Sam
    Rager Sam

    crack. lots of it

  • Hack and Friends
    Hack and Friends

    Dang I want a gangsta relatives


    Tabbes' gma: heres 1000 buy some shit Tabbes: k Me: are gods creation lady

  • Zaria Clifford
    Zaria Clifford

    I wouldn't mess with your grandma I'm like a child she'll roast me

  • Mia Creekmore
    Mia Creekmore

    Tabbes would be a great mom

  • Samhuariah Bailey
    Samhuariah Bailey

    Imaooo I'm dead she crazy asf bro 😂😍

  • Blãck Nøodlēs
    Blãck Nøodlēs

    No one: Tabbes: My Grandmas Walking Speed Is My Running Speed

  • Jetro Of the filipino
    Jetro Of the filipino

    The way the grandma walks make me LAUGH!!!😂

  • XDAstongamer045 AG
    XDAstongamer045 AG

    I am on youtube for 24/7

  • Sims Kalil
    Sims Kalil

    Hey what's taking so long just to make a video get moving you bozo Yee Yee (T∆T)

  • XD_Exotic


  • Master Reaper
    Master Reaper

    6:53 you look like. Luffy