Kylian Mbappe 2020 ● Skills, Goals & Speed 🔴🔵
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    • Sorloth

    • Jonatan IP
      Jonatan IP

      @Lσyλlty Đλwg • бб❼ worse image quality... but hey!! ... good player

    • KingJohn301

      I'm gonna do a reaction to this vid, I'll link you in the description in comments. I was wondering is there anyway you could big up my channel? I'm 5 subs away from 5k just cuz of the youtube clean out pushed me back under lol

    • SVMM

      KingJohn301 Thank you 😉

    • KingJohn301

      Congrats 500k subs !!!

  • Alejandro Fuentes
    Alejandro Fuentes

    quien cre que mbappe es el mejor jugador de fotboll

  • Hamso 135
    Hamso 135

    Hey I made a vidéo on mbappe on my channel look please !

  • Rui Oliveira
    Rui Oliveira

    Neymar the best numer one Mbappe the best numer two

  • la vem o mentiroso dando uma de gostoso
    la vem o mentiroso dando uma de gostoso

    jogadaa fracas pra quem quer ser melhor do mundo tava assistindo o video do ronaldo com odade driblava 4 5 jogadores mbappe dribla 1 ou 2 no maximo

  • Elias Rante
    Elias Rante

    Mbappe very good

  • dacypher22

    Is this all seriously from one season?! Damn, he is going to be one of the greatest of all time. At 21, he likely hasn't even hit his peak yet.


    Salut les joueurs du psg Mbappe Neymar et toulmonde j'aimerais bien avoir un maillot dédicacé par tous les joueurs du psg et un ballon dédicacé par tous les joueurs du psg et le chorte bisous bon courageet je m'appelle anis

  • bharatha chakravarthy
    bharatha chakravarthy

    He is fastest

  • Andrei Games
    Andrei Games

    Music ??

  • Keshia Fragkaki
    Keshia Fragkaki

    Mbappe 7,10,29😎😮😲😏🐯 and not like a🐢

  • Matthew Comino
    Matthew Comino

    it scares me that he's probably still going to improve

    • Matthew Comino
      Matthew Comino

      @dacypher22 Hopefully Corona slows him down hahaha

    • dacypher22

      I know, right? Looking at this footage it is almost scary to realize he is 21 and may be 3 or 4 years away from his peak.

  • Brian Restrepo
    Brian Restrepo

    Es como ver jugar a CR7 en manchester, increíble kylian rápido y con técnica... Futuro mejor jugador del mundo

  • Juan Carlos Acosta
    Juan Carlos Acosta

    Neymar is best

  • Therba

    Hasansionun selamı var

  • Lélé M.
    Lélé M.

    mersi pour set motyvacion

  • Victor Escobar
    Victor Escobar

    El heredero al trono

  • Iwiw WaW
    Iwiw WaW

    First song name?

  • hoai vongoc
    hoai vongoc

    mbappe rất đỉnh ILOVE YOU MBAPPE

  • Freud Alberto Andrade Angulo
    Freud Alberto Andrade Angulo

    El mejor. Ídolo a morir

  • Valdeny Caldera
    Valdeny Caldera

    Joga dms


    Mbape nul cette année .

  • Søren Peter Hansen
    Søren Peter Hansen

    What do you Mean with red and blue in the titel

    • Andrej


  • Trapsy

    Marcus rashford > mbappe

  • Sparky_ Gar
    Sparky_ Gar

    Very overrated, he has pace and that is it,before you say he scores goals and gets assists,he plays in the worst league ever,you could get better competition in a year 7 football match.In my eyes he has to move to the prem to be considered an all time great, Just my opinion

  • Chuy Lopez
    Chuy Lopez

    When Messi and Ronaldo retire this guy is gonna be the best in the world 👍🏽

  • raydn23

    He’s gonna be in his prime with Real Madrid. Wow.

  • Ruthless Rampag3
    Ruthless Rampag3

    Mbappé is better when he has better teammates

  • Pedro Van Heghe
    Pedro Van Heghe


  • Pedro Van Heghe
    Pedro Van Heghe


  • Matt

    Crazy how he’s only 1 ovr to 90

  • Tochukwu Udu
    Tochukwu Udu

    this kids pace is ridiculous.

  • Arsen Jan
    Arsen Jan

    Mbappe Cool

  • Francoise Mathias
    Francoise Mathias

    Kylian Mbappe tu es meilleur joueur.

  • Sidney Channel
    Sidney Channel

    Bonjour Les Fans de Mbappe Ecoutez ce son en l'honneur du meilleur joueur #Mbappe #France

  • Lucas Alves
    Lucas Alves

    Mbappe no real Madrid vai ficar brabo. O PSG vai ganhar muito dinheiro em cima dele. Foi a melhor contratação possível

  • Arsen Jan
    Arsen Jan


  • Urol Otayorov
    Urol Otayorov

    Vinicius JR luchshe Mbappe

  • fish ball cat
    fish ball cat

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="427">7:07</a> song?

  • Raissya Kamil
    Raissya Kamil

    I'm like mbappe and my in indonesian

  • Byron Vaca
    Byron Vaca

    Mbappe the new CR7

  • NasJones73

    C Henry Legend is Song name

  • อำนาจ ภัทรพลกุล
    อำนาจ ภัทรพลกุล


  • Futbol HD
    Futbol HD

    Ronaldo fans come see this vid

  • Kévin LOUIS
    Kévin LOUIS

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="194">3:14</a> le nom de la musique svp ( anyone have a tittle of this song please )

    • Super Wolf
      Super Wolf

      Wizzard bamboo

  • Francesca Gallmetzer
    Francesca Gallmetzer

    The best player the goat 👌✨✨✨✨💯💯

  • Fredy Mendez
    Fredy Mendez

    Players like martial, lacazette, martial, pepe, and falcao make me question the French leagues ability to have players that can transition well into the premier and Liverpool want to pay mbappe 300 million for transfer that’s absurd.

    • Anonymous Alley
      Anonymous Alley

      Thats cuz they come from farmers league and arent as good in other leagues as they seemed in ligue 1

  • Rafael Segura
    Rafael Segura

    Real Madrid soon

  • h e l l o
    h e l l o


  • Dei Thang
    Dei Thang

    I love this kid, Kylian Mbappe no7 #NinjaTurtle.

  • Faforit Serviec
    Faforit Serviec

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="393">6:33</a> pas sama lagunya

  • Alvera UWIZIHIWE
    Alvera UWIZIHIWE

    You are good bro

  • เกษตรวาไรตี้ ชีวิตบ้านๆ
    เกษตรวาไรตี้ ชีวิตบ้านๆ

    สุดยอดมากสมราคา อยากให้ประจวบเอฟซีซื้อคนนี้

  • Voetballer gyan
    Voetballer gyan


    • F.ฟิวส์ channel
      F.ฟิวส์ channel


  • Diggy twelvy
    Diggy twelvy

    Damn ! What's the name of the trap beat who start in second position???

    • NasJones73

      C Henry Legend

  • Shaxia Hussain
    Shaxia Hussain

    My name is kashif and i am just fan of mbappe

  • Shaxia Hussain
    Shaxia Hussain

    I am fan of mbappe i am kashif

  • Mikhael Jemy Pratama
    Mikhael Jemy Pratama

    Can someone give him a Ballon D'or Trophy? I think this guy deserve it

    • alfred bodzah
      alfred bodzah

      @Ivaylo Iontchev ....Messi didn't even help neymar win ballon d'or and how much more mbappe.

    • Skhanyiso Mthethwa
      Skhanyiso Mthethwa

      Not even close

    • Anonymous Alley
      Anonymous Alley

      Deserves a ballon dor? Like rn? Are u high?

    • Ivaylo Iontchev
      Ivaylo Iontchev

      If he goes to Barcelona, Messi will give him one.

  • R A
    R A

    Mbappe is going to be one of the greatest players of history

    • Azmi Abdulrahim
      Azmi Abdulrahim

      @Sergen Bölükoglu soowwy

    • Sergen Bölükoglu
      Sergen Bölükoglu

      Dude, who are you for saying such a bullshit? Mbappe is great and one of the players who will dominate the future of soccer, but one of the best in history? Come on. He doesn't have that skill. If you comparing him to Neymar, Messi or Ronaldo, then Mbappe is far away. He's maybe one of the fastest, but soccer isn't only about speed...

    • Deryk Tarin
      Deryk Tarin

      He’s gotta get out of ligue 1 if he does that then yes

    • Azmi Abdulrahim
      Azmi Abdulrahim

      If he joins madrid,he can definitely be a prolific striker

    • asd ssa
      asd ssa

      only if he joins madrid

  • pukguy2

    one of the best shooters

  • King Bafanyle
    King Bafanyle

    The guy is a beast. Should be playing for Madrid with the 7 on his back. Hes the only one capable to ever replace Cristiano

    • Anonymous Alley
      Anonymous Alley

      Realistically speaking....rashford sane haaland sancho martinez vini rodrygo may also replace cr7 at madrid but yes Id like him at real madrid ☺

  • bir oyun alırmıydınız
    bir oyun alırmıydınız

    mbappe yi severim ama bu dakika <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="280">4:40</a> üzdü be aga

  • Daniel Henrique
    Daniel Henrique

    What music

  • Onur Onal
    Onur Onal

    Come to BESİKTAS

  • Pedro Marco
    Pedro Marco

    The first track?

    • pukguy2

      C.henry - Legend

  • Laurent Grangeon
    Laurent Grangeon

    This kid is SICK!!! AND A GOOD KID TOO!!

  • keith wachira
    keith wachira

    Someone tell me the name of the song at the start?

    • keith wachira
      keith wachira

      @curtis deon Thanks👍

    • curtis deon
      curtis deon

      C. Henry Legend

  • xxx xxx
    xxx xxx

    Hazard mbappe rodrygoo

  • gedger ergegerg
    gedger ergegerg

    Il s’ amuse il joue pas vraiment

  • Sochukwukamma Chime
    Sochukwukamma Chime

    Bro just for the second song you used I’m going to subscribe finally something different from the SAME BORING AND LAME songs that they put to GREAT players thanks and keep going.🔥💯👊🏾⚽️

  • Killian Martin
    Killian Martin

    i commnt

    • Killian Martin
      Killian Martin

      no regerts

  • Yunus Kolya
    Yunus Kolya

    Which song

  • nikeplease speed
    nikeplease speed

    Can u do Mbappe or Neymar with an music called CRADLES

  • gejmer FX
    gejmer FX

    #KylianMbappe #Mbappe2020 #Mbappe

  • Hattrah

    Mbappe is so fast hes already in 2020 (look at title)

  • Noah Bridges
    Noah Bridges

    Mbappe doesn’t even fake being injured, he’s lit xD

  • Brian AEN A.
    Brian AEN A.

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="368">6:08</a> F por Marcelo xd

  • Michelle Michelle
    Michelle Michelle

    Your music sucks Ruined the video. No music next time

  • dave khalifa
    dave khalifa

    i knew this guy as a sprinter. Neymar has influenced his style of play sooo much. mbappe never does sombrero. this guy want be as skillful as neymar

  • NKLS FootballTrainings
    NKLS FootballTrainings