Kylian Mbappé Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex
Global soccer superstar and World Cup champion Kylian Mbappé goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Flight Club in Los Angeles and talks about growing up in Paris, PSG's Air Jordans, the legacy of the Nike Mercurial boot, and more.
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  • Complex

    What's the best pair of sneakers that you ruined?

    • Ayush Kulkarni
      Ayush Kulkarni

      Complex I have no ruined shoes

    • qT1ify

      Atemi 2002 they take sauce a dog bite them bro

    • Kasper Verheij
      Kasper Verheij

      Air Jordan 1 “black and yellow”

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      Proeater 07

      Complex Travis Scott Jordan’s

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      Complex crocks

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    Der Reaktionsboss

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    Nithin Nayani

    You should bring on Neymar, He knows his fashion...

  • Nithin Nayani
    Nithin Nayani

    Ronaldo and Mbappe on complex... Yeah I’m done....

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    NEPHIRO 450Yz

    C’est pour la culture ou

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    Pride Frank

    Ok can we get Messi on here too 🙏

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    Je suis le seul français en commentaires mdr

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    Super terrific R

    Not all sneakers!

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    Abhinav Binu

    U should make a video with messi

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    Jose Luis Robledo

    Alto rata es mbappe

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    La banlieue influence Paris, Paris influence le monde

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    Where this place,?

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    Keerat Singh

    the 19 y/o atomic bomb💣💣💣💣

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    Arnav Singh

    Why is fuckin mbappe white in the thumbnail😂😂😂

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    Most expensive shoes in the world..Price?🤑🤑👇👇

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    Amin Ka

    Joe : ... we will be watching . Yeah right !

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    Sultan Maydiansyah

    teu ngarti aing bahasa na

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    Tengo Slap

    Ppptdrrr en général quand une star parle dans une langue étrangère dans un interview c de l’espagnol de l’anglais etc et là c’est du français 😂

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    Les français vous êtes où ? 😂

  • kundai mazarura
    kundai mazarura

    What most non football fans don't know is at this time he was only 20

  • kundai mazarura
    kundai mazarura

    Who told people his name is M-bape... It's just mbape 😂😂😂

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    Lunex Titan

    Humility at its finest

  • •GUZMAN•

    Ou sont les français ?

  • Jeffrey Jeffrey
    Jeffrey Jeffrey

    Americans really have no idea about how much more money top footballers make than top Basketball Players its funny

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    Manos Eu

    What a good person

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    Ana Bortion

    His English is still better than Dababby

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    Aracelyy Xx

    I love rewatching this video PSG🤍💙

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    FIRO Hazo

    Du bist bei Fußball sehr gut

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    Miguel Nava

    Do they have someone on a mic translating?

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    Jenson Mayonnaise

    just don’t call it soccer It’s football

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    Joseph Stalin

    Lol he knows English but why did he speak French

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    I like he's style

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    ASAP Sinclair

    I hate sneaker shopping with athletes, cause they have to root for Nike or adidas. They can’t say what they really like.

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    danfine fine


  • danfine fine
    danfine fine


  • Damien Mulcahy
    Damien Mulcahy

    I've never understood this show. Nike-sponsored athletes come in to buy Nike shoes for thousands of dollars (which are manufactured for a few dollars) that they get for free anyway. Folks are getting played...and it ain't the footballers..

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    Mauro Begonja

    comment vous vous comprenez

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    Coloca legenda MISEEERA

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    Why’s he speaking in french when he understands English

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    Paul b.

    J’suis le seule fr ici ??

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    tarik chouf


  • M. B
    M. B

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="99">1:39</a> Says football translates soccer , wtf is wrong with you , the whole world calls it football America calls it soccer lol

  • buttcheeks

    The title should have been ninja turtle buys sneakers

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    Zimbabw_ é

    on en parle de son collier 🧸


    Je comprend rien

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    Brent Leal

    Have him back!!!! His English is goooood now


    weird felxx french and english

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    Mo bks

    He can have those for free

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    Rylee Braddon

    Kylian is the GOAT

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    This is like the hot ones but with football

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    aplus igetpeso

    I fucked up my Jordan retro 6 motorsports

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    Jacob Benavides

    Mbappe don’t got no clue what the cashier was saying when he told him the price mf jus gave him the card

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    Eu les pairs autours ?

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    Jonny D

    american be like: Mbappé... ? never seen him in NBA

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    France Strasbourg

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    Steff 8088

    He s super cool and famous, but he doesn t know to speak English. Really

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    Nut Supplier 69

    Mbappe: I have commited tax fraud Joe: Alright, now it's time for you to choose what you'll take home

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      Weeb One

      Im in my grave thanks

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    Daniel Donovan

    Get Mike Vick On Here.

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    who is this guy

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      @edgar oh thats cool

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      krampus_ one of the best soccer players in the worls

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    Edgar el compa

    Can you do next: Complex goes sneaker shopping with zlatan

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    Cinaria Tarik

    Nike air mags

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    Juan Barrios M

    can we please have a Lionel Messi Complex Shopping Video

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    He would sound godly if he can speak Creole

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    Fernando Ramirez

    The true star of PSG



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    Georgi Semerdzhiev

    His voice sounds like Tariq's from Power.

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    The Grinch

    Just shoes 🙄

  • Leathelast Henriet
    Leathelast Henriet

    Pk il parle en français alors que il parle vraiment bien anglais


    Mbappe: spends more than 1k on shoes Me: so broke that i tried to zoom on his credit card number at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="441">7:21</a> 😂

    • SimplySK

      ZERAPH lmao! My man handed that card over so fast like bro I don’t need to hear the total😂

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    Scholarly Cat

    His English is actually very good considering he’s from France and has never played in the Premier League before. He understands and speaks well he just speaks mostly in French so he expresses this thoughts exactly how he wants to.

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    Benjamin Drouet

    Football not soccer

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    Maria’s perrone

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    TMK ROHI2810

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    C'est un charlatan Killian

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    Maxime Le Manac'h

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="136">2:16</a> Nn c’est Medine qui le dit pas toi kiki

    • Maxime Le Manac'h
      Maxime Le Manac'h

      JL 213 38 ouais dans le refrain de Grand Paris

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      lpb_ 213

      Le rappeur ?

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    Your Mom

    Do Messi next

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    marcus pierre

    I speak french so i know what he is saying