This is not how I remember childhood school times :/
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  • great days
    great days

    We irish call kindergarten preschool

  • B Plays
    B Plays

    It’s Billy in the biscuit

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark

    Its like the show recess

  • Lunar Halcyon
    Lunar Halcyon

    *Jack* : "Can't tell if Cindy has the crazy eyes, can't tell if she has any baggage..." That's a rude concern. ...but not inaccurate lol.

  • Connie Burton
    Connie Burton

    My sisters name is lilly😞

  • Dipper Cmg
    Dipper Cmg

    How does noone realize the kid has a force awakens poster?

  • Titanfall 2/Friday the 13th Kid
    Titanfall 2/Friday the 13th Kid

    Yøú Dīëd Ÿœû dįėd Ÿüö dīed Hëll hâś çómë Yoooouuuuuuu diedddddddddd

  • Lone Libra
    Lone Libra

    The second I saw “I don’t want to play anymore” I mentally screamed for him to click it

  • Cookie Kit
    Cookie Kit

    Anti has more heart than Cindy

  • 《midnight sky》 :p
    《midnight sky》 :p

    Yea back then kindergarten was a b@tch

  • Cesar Mejia
    Cesar Mejia

    Jack is the besssstttt

  • Lazer Gaming
    Lazer Gaming

    Hello Jackcepticeye! I am a big fan! How is your day going so far?..........I play this game alot, and I really beat my friends in this game!

  • Lil Lizzy
    Lil Lizzy

    If that teacher had black hair it would look JUST LIKE my teacher. I’ve been sick for 3 days and my friend tells me she’s not happy about it :/

  • Will’s world
    Will’s world

    Has anyone bought how it would be if Jacksepticeye voiced everyone you know in real life so it’s like you wake up and you just hear Jack’s voice as everyone That’s probably what it would be like to be in a video game that would be awesome like if you agree

  • LiteraryFurball

    It’s funny jack keeps saying the kids are like 3-4 years old because in the US kindergarten is anywhere from 5-7 years old

    • LiteraryFurball

      Jonny Fish cakes what I meant was even in some of the kindergarten 2 videos he’s still saying the kids are preschool age. I would’ve though someone might’ve told him by now

    • Jonny Fish cakes
      Jonny Fish cakes

      LiteraryFurball yea but he's Irish

  • Dakota The Daring
    Dakota The Daring


  • OynxWolf11


  • Kyle Mowat
    Kyle Mowat

    Wait wheres jack from?

  • Black Wolf
    Black Wolf

    Miss bouncing boobs!!😀😀😂😂💙💙

  • zorzie

    who came from kindergarten 2 and realized MONTY CAN USE HIS LEGS

  • Sierra Quinn
    Sierra Quinn

    I love the this channel and you are my favorite youtuber in the hole world

  • Micah Cook
    Micah Cook

    anybody 2019?

  • Mark’s bad vlogs
    Mark’s bad vlogs

    Hey honey what did you do at school today? I got a divorce, went to prison and tested positive for alcohol W What

  • Slime&Kittens

    My sister is named lily did I go missing dun dun duun

  • Blue Fire skull
    Blue Fire skull


  • brandonator13

    Anyone else here because of random encounters?

  • Victor Vela
    Victor Vela

    I hate you

  • Martin Bracken
    Martin Bracken

    Um....Kindergarten life is HARD! *Cough cough!* Janitor *cough cough!*

    • james kavenaugh
      james kavenaugh

      Fuck you!

  • CinnamonChip 312
    CinnamonChip 312

    2019 anyone?

  • Sam Picken
    Sam Picken

    Hes so cute!!!! What happened?

  • Snxppy

    who here en2019?????? lik if u agre

    • james kavenaugh
      james kavenaugh


  • Baris TheWolf
    Baris TheWolf

    janitor:here a bomb me:no ty me:*blows up*

  • Maddie Rattie
    Maddie Rattie

    it said 0.32 on the breathalyzer, that would mean he's dead, your blood alcohol level is to high for him not to be dead, unless he had a high tolerance. I know it's just a game but I wanted to flex my health knowledge.

  • KZ Gaming16
    KZ Gaming16

    It's also a song by Random encounters

  • john .W
    john .W

    Is it weird that i really (kinda) want my child to be like jack?😂 Cuase i really do Cheerful and awesome AF

  • Pyro Sans
    Pyro Sans

    Is that a Star Wars Episode 7 Poster i see at the beginning?

    • james kavenaugh
      james kavenaugh


  • TheGlowing Lampshade
    TheGlowing Lampshade

    I started dieing when the janitor killed Jack for the first time

  • Freya Abrams
    Freya Abrams

    Cindy is a monster but she her home life is bad and shes like 3 so i guess shes off the hook

  • jore8212

    jack: this is not how I remember school me: yea you break your crush ankles when you was in school

  • n3ver3nding sadst0ry
    n3ver3nding sadst0ry

    This was 2 years ago?!?!?!?!?

  • Dominic Hoover
    Dominic Hoover

    Jesus, things weren't this fucked up when I was at kindergarten.

  • Tired Aria
    Tired Aria

    The video time was *20:18* but this video was made in *2017*

  • Devin Brooks
    Devin Brooks


  • Jax Dollars
    Jax Dollars

    u were suppost to ask what happened to billy and get sent to th office and left with pills,give boob lady one and then take the magnifying glass to nugget and get ur reward

    • Jax Dollars
      Jax Dollars


  • Gatcha Cat muffin
    Gatcha Cat muffin

    Play paper IO

    • james kavenaugh
      james kavenaugh

      Fuck you!

  • Dark DeDLoz • 96 Years Ago
    Dark DeDLoz • 96 Years Ago

    Just imagine jack is saying this in the night and dark and we can’t see him

  • Dark DeDLoz • 96 Years Ago
    Dark DeDLoz • 96 Years Ago

    This school has suck

  • taylor

    man i miss this game. this was such a good series.

  • Veronica Hampton
    Veronica Hampton

    *Penny or PENIWISE?*

  • Lifeless


  • Star ripper The knight wing
    Star ripper The knight wing

    Oct, 13 2019

  • Lassive

    Jack that daddyofive joke wasnt funny

  • NotAGoat

    3:12 Oh, she has _something_ alright. And I'm pretty sure she does have the crazy eyes.

  • billy the kindergartener
    billy the kindergartener


  • Skulls 'n' Bows
    Skulls 'n' Bows

    I remember when this first came out. Rewatching for old time’s sake. 💚

  • Anthony Billotti
    Anthony Billotti

    I come from the year 42069 and I am playing Kindergarten 895.3 where Nugget becomes president of the second USSR.

  • Matt Clarke
    Matt Clarke

    I'm new to Jack's kindergarten series. Looking for a possible Undertale substitute...

    • Matt Clarke
      Matt Clarke

      @james kavenaugh I tell them they're going to have a bad time.

    • james kavenaugh
      james kavenaugh

      Sans what you do if a child missed behaved?

  • Anna Lopez Ponce
    Anna Lopez Ponce

    I have green hair to but am 8

  • Poison Tipped Sword
    Poison Tipped Sword

    Seàn: “Little Lilypad.” Me, upon hearing my nickname: *chokes on pizza*

    • angel denson
      angel denson


  • Sebastian Demerjian
    Sebastian Demerjian

    *starts video* *turns down volume*