Here's Why Real Madrid Want Kylian Mbappe 2020 ⚪
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  • Red Rogue
    Red Rogue

    It will be a big deal next summer. Hala Madrid.

    • Oddjob6120

      get the spanish Government to buy him for you?

    • Red Rogue
      Red Rogue

      Tong Tial Channel Good laughter. Real Madrid always has the last laugh.

    • Tong Tial Channel
      Tong Tial Channel

      Hahaha Madrid

    • Nicholas Chan
      Nicholas Chan

      Hala Madrid👍🏻

  • Chico Roca
    Chico Roca

    Hopefully he move to Barcelona

  • SPORTS life
    SPORTS life

    Le Real Madrid adopte une stratégie répétée pour kidnapper Mbabi venez voir la video sur ma chaine youtube

  • Dabbing Orange
    Dabbing Orange

    Mbappe turned into Neymar Flopper Fish

  • Toma mi barsa
    Toma mi barsa

    Visca el barsa

  • Prodromos P
    Prodromos P

    The worst player Madrid could have

  • Marcel X10
    Marcel X10

    Hazard number 10 mpabbe number 7

  • Joe Castro
    Joe Castro

    Great speed, amazing power good skills but Brazi’s Ronaldo is in a different category. He failed badly against Manchester United....Sometimes he loses control of the ball rather easily.

  • asd ssa
    asd ssa

    speed dribbling finishing positioning spirit and age of 21 yrs old congratulations zizou and madrid

  • asd ssa
    asd ssa

    every coach will think more how to face a team with Hazard as a left winger and mbappe as a righ winger!!!!😱😱😱

    • Andrej

      Dont foget Benzema, Jovic, Vinicius, Rodrygo.... That will be fantastic attack

  • asd ssa
    asd ssa

    If psg wanna to take more money from real madrid for mbappe they should sell him this summer....otherwise they will be forced to take less such like chelsea faced when they kept hazard more....

  • abderrahmen kizou
    abderrahmen kizou

    Vamos madrid

  • حج حح
    حج حح

    وين العرب هلا مدريد

  • Holy Cucumber
    Holy Cucumber

    Been seeing lately thats its Super close deal

  • The Truth
    The Truth

    1950s=Di Stefano 1960s=Pele 1970s=Cruyff 1980s=Maradona 1990s=Ronaldo 2000s=Zidane 2010s=Cristiano Ronaldo (the best ever) 2020s=Mbappe

    • J D
      J D

      How can Zidane be the best in the 2000s when he won a ballon dor in 98?

    • The Truth
      The Truth

      @Croatian Rebel Setien is a nobody, he only coached relegation teams. Valverde actually did a pretty good job winning 2 la liga titles in a row easily with this team on decline when Madrid was a 2 time UCL winner. Its a joke how Valverde was the scapegoat. The same Valverde coaching Athletic Bilbao beat Barca in 2017 4-0 in a 2 legged knockout. 4-0 they Lost in París and 3-0 un Turín the same year and Valverde wasnt the coach. Without Xavi and Iniesta. Barcelona Will never play Tiki Taka again, and that makes Messi useless same as Argentina for 15 years. Messi is mister excuses, if he is the GOAT he should surpass those problems and he cant. But its Ronaldo Who is able to do that playing in England Spain Italy international, with stars or donkeys around he always delivers. Put CR7 alongside ronaldinho Etoo Xavi Iniesta thierry Henry Neymar or Suárez or that argentinian squad, and nobody would even know who overrated Messi is now.

    • ersguterjunge

      And 2030 Cristiano Ronaldo Junior 😍

    • asd ssa
      asd ssa


    • The Truth
      The Truth

      @Croatian Rebel Portugal never won anything before CR7 and they Will never win something after his retirement. And CR7 didnt win more because he had to play that historic spanish Tiki Taka side twice and Low's Germany twice. The two BEST NT this decade. Argentina had to face the worst brazil ever with robinho in 2006 and Coutinho in 2018 as main stars or Chile twice and couldnt win shit. Maradona was way superior to Messi, football was tougher in the old days. Most agressive defense in both club and international level. Messi is so protected by the refs. Still without Xavi and Iniesta he showed his fraud. He Will never win the european cup again , maybe he ends winning something for argentina because copa América is joke and they invent new copa américa every year and had to invite Qatar or Japan lol

  • Paul Pablito
    Paul Pablito

    One of the best vidéo of Mbappe... Nice job! I enjoy so much his game i saw pretty every vidéo of mbappe since 2017. Mbappe right know plays 50 balls a game on wich 15 of them result of dangerous goal attempt. So efficient! I cant wait see him playong for zidane where he will touch more than 50 balls.

  • Ralston Bodhi
    Ralston Bodhi

    Who doesn’t want this boy

    • Sayaa

      Everyone wants im

  • Pedro Chan
    Pedro Chan

    Bien venido MBAPPE si llega Real Madrid

  • Kermit The frog
    Kermit The frog

    Come to liverpool

  • Nicholas Vaughan
    Nicholas Vaughan

    Reminds me of the Brazilian Ronaldo..🔥🔥🔥

    • brasileiros Silva
      brasileiros Silva

      Just that r9 is natural and Mbpappe is a human, I can't wait till he comes to RM, he will be playing alongside Rodrigo :)

  • Julie Farmer
    Julie Farmer

    I think he would be better at Liverpool there building something special..just saying 🤔

    • Vers7ace

      In your dreams,, Just saying

    • Yassu

      what so special all Liverpool great players are in their late twenties and for them to afford him or Sancho they need to sell one of their top players i have to give it to u ,Klopp and the management are the best they managed to build an incredible team from nothing and with nothing ... im not a real madrid fan ,a barca fan hehe but damn who dont want mbappe to play next to Valverde and hakimi and odegard and other young players. if Barca want to catch out to this incredible team they need a new president and a plan not bring old players like Paulinho and Vidal and lose great young talented players and then say we are building a future team ...

  • Prajjwal Pawar
    Prajjwal Pawar

    He is coming to Liverpool

    • Sanjid Saad
      Sanjid Saad

      Prajjwal Pawar in your dreams😹

    • Nazare Biyembika
      Nazare Biyembika

      No he's not

  • Golden Frieza
    Golden Frieza

    Come to Madrid, you deserve to play with better team

    • t moche
      t moche

      Just 3 0

    • Fidelity Mapahla
      Fidelity Mapahla

      ersguterjunge lol kkkkkk

    • ersguterjunge

      Dji B 13 CL 0 CL

    • Dji B
      Dji B

      PSG 3-0 Real

    • kate tantoh
      kate tantoh


  • lemigod

    Its not gonna happen.Spanish media continues to create lies about Madrid move for Mbappe.The guy is getting well paid to be a Diva at PSG,he will extend his contract.You can quote my post and come back at the end of the season,Mbappe is staying put at PSG,he won't go to Madrid.Its time Spain learns to groom their own players ,those racist morons.

  • Denzel Ofori
    Denzel Ofori

    Welcome to Real Madrid ⚪️

  • mickey kang
    mickey kang

    Mbappe and bale colloboration will be lit

  • Whën-IdiëDon’tCry JuštlǿǾk-atThë’šky Darwich
    Whën-IdiëDon’tCry JuštlǿǾk-atThë’šky Darwich

    Hala Madrid best team in the world 😎

  • Christianツ

    Next video mason mount

  • Jerry Cruz
    Jerry Cruz

    Hazard benzema mbappe all 100% fit is game over

    • Jerry Cruz
      Jerry Cruz

      @Henk Williem Adriannus van der Napier hes coming to Madrid

    • Henk Williem Adriannus van der Napier
      Henk Williem Adriannus van der Napier

      Right. Please Real Madrid. Just buy him off. I am a Liverpool fan and I am getting sick and tired listening to those ungrateful, so-called Liverpool fans who kept saying that we should sell of Salah and buy Mbappe. Stupid plastic glory-hunters!

    • mickey kang
      mickey kang


  • alokin

    To be honest we all already know why Real Madrid wants Kylian Mbappe ;)

  • rich2083

    Everybody knows its Liverpool Mbappe 2020 not Real Madrid

    • Fidelity Mapahla
      Fidelity Mapahla

      fahim hasan LoL kkk

    • Fidelity Mapahla
      Fidelity Mapahla

      Prodigy Omen kkkkkkkkkkk lol

    • Henk Williem Adriannus van der Napier
      Henk Williem Adriannus van der Napier

      @denilend8 Right. Please Real Madrid. Just buy him off. I am a Liverpool fan and I am getting sick and tired listening to those ungrateful, so-called Liverpool fans who kept saying that we should sell of Salah and buy Mbappe. Stupid plastic glory-hunters!

    • PRO Noob
      PRO Noob

      Lmao I think he prefers Zidane more than klopp tbh

    • denilend8

      @Prodigy Omen You misunderstand me. I replied to rich2083. I'm also a Real Madrid fan. I meant they don't need Mbappe because they have a great front-trio.

  • Raed Sakly
    Raed Sakly

    I think he's a good winger but a brilliant striker

    • Blessing OK
      Blessing OK

      Lol i think he is a good player

  • Luka Stojanovic
    Luka Stojanovic

    Bad music choice

    • SamplingMastersXLR8

      Rubsn then mute and move on

    • Rubsn

      SamplingMastersXLR8 yes it is

    • Rubsn

      SuperSteiner it always is

    • SamplingMastersXLR8

      SuperSteiner it’s not important

  • Saad Ali
    Saad Ali

    He definitely coping neymar

    • Saad Ali
      Saad Ali

      @SamplingMastersXLR8 btw you are right he han outgrown him

    • Saad Ali
      Saad Ali

      @David Hernandez nice 😑 i know but he has same tricks as neymar do all the time

    • SamplingMastersXLR8

      David Hernandez was , he kind of out grow him

    • David Hernandez
      David Hernandez

      Saad Ali I can tell you don’t know about soccer , mbappe is a cristiano Ronaldo fan

  • Frédéric Chenevard
    Frédéric Chenevard

    Not impressed at all ! Sancho for exemple is much better !

    • Fidelity Mapahla
      Fidelity Mapahla

      Blessing OK kkkkkkk yah true

    • Shamsher Singh
      Shamsher Singh

      @Blessing OK kylian mbappe is best player in under 21

    • Blessing OK
      Blessing OK

      @Nikita Obame nah tell them...kmbappe enjoy running at them and hile know for a fact that its a good game coming up sooo him ago over work

    • Nikita Obame
      Nikita Obame

      @Blessing OK Psg will destroy Dortmund

    • Blessing OK
      Blessing OK

      K.mbappe is more agressive than them....he is a ball shark K.mbappe is better because him quick and wild It hard to foul him

  • A P
    A P

    Real Madrid should pickup Traore

  • Yves Hermann Essan
    Yves Hermann Essan

    the best wonderkid of 21th century !

  • Luis cauã
    Luis cauã

    João Félix skills

  • A Isma
    A Isma

    They want him because hazard sucks.

    • Malek Sahri
      Malek Sahri

      Because Bale sucks*

  • Igor Golikov
    Igor Golikov


  • alex reid
    alex reid

    With him and neymar fit PSG gonna be killing teams in the Champions League.

    • Yassu

      lol they didnt kill anyone they died last year and its their funeral this year too XD

  • Aryaninho

    Hala Madriiiiiid

  • Fábio Sport
    Fábio Sport

    France 🇫🇷

    • DarK MorceL
      DarK MorceL

      @kate tantoh Non connasse, il est français :) ... la france t'emmerde bien profond.

    • kate tantoh
      kate tantoh

      cameroon he comes out cameroon

  • Anon Anon
    Anon Anon

    Welcome to the best team in the world I can't wait him playing with hazard 🌏❤🔥💪

    • ThePSGREG

      @Nikola Tesla With us the players are not more important than the club, when the club does not want to sell a player, the player stays, whether he is happy or not PSG can very well keep it until the end of its contract, PSG does not need money, the club has no debt, and sponsor contracts have increased enormously thanks to transfers from Neymar and M'Bappé. It is better to be PSG and have the two future best players in the world still for two years, than to be Barca and soon see Messi retire, or Real without star currently. Réal Madrid is obliged to recruit stars if he wants to continue to be considered one of the best clubs in the world No club is immortal, MU and Milan were the big clubs yesterday, today is Barcelona and Madrid, maybe tomorrow it will be PSG and Manchester City

    • Nikola Tesla
      Nikola Tesla

      @ThePSGREG And besides that, Mbappé isn't settling himself with PSG to negotiate a renewal. His attitude towards the staff leaves a lot to be desire, he isn't the star player anymore, and progressively he has been more rebellious. Truth be told, I'd hate to be on your position.

    • Nikola Tesla
      Nikola Tesla

      @ThePSGREG That's the issue you guys don't get, nobody is going to pay that absurd amount of money you guys are asking. Do you know what you're asking is basically a half of the total revenue per season of Real Madrid? Madrid can afford him but they will never spend that amount on just a single player, too excessive for them. Since no one will pay that money, Madrid are just waiting for Mbappé to run out his contract, which will put your team on a precarious situation; forcing them to sell Mbappé for a cheap price, or let him go for free without tasting a single cent for what it could potentially be one of the leading players of the future. Your move chief.

    • Angelo Gabriel
      Angelo Gabriel

      And vinicius jr

    • Red Rogue
      Red Rogue

      kate tantoh No, I don't shut up. Mbappé will definitely come to Real Madrid. Perez will bring him. It doesn't make sense to just masturbate the best players in the world in Paris.