Goth •Special• Sculpted Acrylic Nails 🗡️
Suzie designs a striking set of Goth Nails using Clear Acrylic, Gel Paint, Stamping, and Swarovski CrystalPixie.
Products Used in this Video:
Forms and Glass Pink Acrylic Powder
Exclusive Nail Couture
100% Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush
Joya Mia
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Crystal Dappen Dish Set
Ugly Duckling Nails
Artisan Gel Paint
Nailchemy Gel Paints
Darling Lamp
Exclusive Nail Couture
Clear Jelly Stamper, Halloween Nail Art Stamping Plate
Clear Jelly Stamper
Swarovski Crystalpixie
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00:00 Mummy Of The Year by Mikey Geiger
01:24 String Thing by Hill
04:27 Swift-Tuttle by Achille Richard
05:47 Stranger In the Woods by PALA
08:09 Flip A Dolla' by Nu Alkemi$t
12:51 Headspace by Hill
15:26 Metamorphosis I by ABLAZE
17:41 Swift-Tuttle by Achille Richard
22:53 Handwritten Vows by Cody Martin
24:19 Mummy Of The Year by Mikey Geiger
25:24 Drop of A Hat by Neon Beach
All music © of the composers.
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  • Shelly Rourke
    Shelly Rourke

    OH MY GOODNESS SUZIE THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! *swoon* It's incredible and everything I dreamed it would be! Love you! xxx

    • Devlin Rourke
      Devlin Rourke

      That’s my mum right there!!!

    • Faye Redmond
      Faye Redmond

      Checkout naio nails gothic design

    • Lulz Gibberish
      Lulz Gibberish

      she really did an absolutely amazing job, I was waiting for a goth inspired look for so long, too! And all the research she did, wow! Her niece is so precious too!! An elegant deep oxblood red would have been a showstopper, too 😍

    • red raven
      red raven

      Thanks from all the belfry bats.

    • Michele Meyer
      Michele Meyer

      Me too I wish she could do that to my nails😍💜💜💜

  • Pandora 4321
    Pandora 4321

    She looks just like evil willow from Buffy ❤️ Love it

  • lorna young
    lorna young

    Love ur Fab work

  • lorna young
    lorna young

    My color !!!

  • Omar japhet Landeros gonzalez
    Omar japhet Landeros gonzalez

    Do her toenails loving to see the finest work of goth art

  • Bath House Becky
    Bath House Becky

    Suzie, you’re a woman after my cold dead heart.

  • Alvina Davis
    Alvina Davis

    Yes yes yes when you coming to San Diego ☠👻😈💅🏽

  • Sheena K
    Sheena K

    it might have been asked.. but... how does the color look so much darker in the final photos? Did you do this twice once for the design and again for the finals or is it actually that dark from the beginning but the camera didn't pick it up?

  • Korrie Rose
    Korrie Rose

    Omg she's so pretty!!

  • Miss Dark
    Miss Dark

    My severe OCD got set off when those beads went everywhere and in that gel container 😱🙈

  • Wendy Bethard
    Wendy Bethard

    Your niece is stunningly beautiful! 😍

  • Sam Shaffer
    Sam Shaffer

    When i see the bums in the acylic before you file always bugs me because my cos teacher was a firm believer in if you have to file the top you didn't do it good enough, but now that i do acylic on myself i need to file the top and she always pops in my head

  • Leona Goodison
    Leona Goodison

    Amazing!! My daughter would love those nails I need to try them out on her totally hooked on your channel Suzie mwah mwah xxx

  • Ouija Ghosts
    Ouija Ghosts


  • Maria Vella Magro
    Maria Vella Magro

    can you show us your nails on the other hand too pls

  • echrem

    Yo Morticia Addams is dat you!

  • Katieintherealworld

    I love how supportive you are! It’s so cute omfg

  • Francesmarie Romero
    Francesmarie Romero

    I also like Susie’s nails

  • jessica blackwell
    jessica blackwell

    So beautiful 😍. Your niece needs a labradorite necklace and an onyx!

  • Tu Yo
    Tu Yo


  • Molly Ram
    Molly Ram

    She is STUNNING x!!

  • Gulsah Kayin
    Gulsah Kayin

    Hey suzıe what drill bit is that please x

  • candace Mosdell
    candace Mosdell

    I want you to do my goth nails .

  • Stephanie Atkinson
    Stephanie Atkinson

    I just love how supportive and "into it" Cameraman is. What a total pumpkin!

  • NailZ 4 DayZ
    NailZ 4 DayZ

    hey suzie I was thinking maybe you can do rainbow nails! Thank you for all the hard work u put into these videos for everyone!


    Almond?No that's stilletto

  • Angel S
    Angel S

    Hi! I love your videos and have been learning to do my own from you. I got that stamper and wondered if you need a special nail polish or if you can use any polish, gel or otherwise? I know this is an old video so I hope you see it. Btw purple is my favorite! These are beautiful

  • Rudina Tema
    Rudina Tema

    This is great

  • Darlene Clark
    Darlene Clark

    Sorry camera man, not a fan of the music in this video.

  • Emily Noir
    Emily Noir


  • Josephine Hale
    Josephine Hale

    Hi Suzy can you do a Maori design please?

  • Chantal Seguin
    Chantal Seguin

    OH MY GOD! This is beautiful!!!! You did such an amazing job. I'm obsessed with Halloween, would be amazing if you did some Halloween nail art in the fall! hehe!

  • Pastelthe__unicorn

    Suzie can you do pastel Kawaii nail unicorn childish theme for your nail

  • Jessica Sam
    Jessica Sam

    She has amazing posture 😂

  • Erin Pierides
    Erin Pierides

    I like goth it's cool

  • Erin Pierides
    Erin Pierides

    Like many on you tube there is fees from adverts that's why we as viewers pay for what we watch

  • Elizabeth Clark
    Elizabeth Clark

    You remind me so much of Valerie Bertinelli. I'm sure you've been told this many times. You're adorable!

    • Nail Career Education
      Nail Career Education

      I have and thank you

  • Larissa Nelson
    Larissa Nelson

    She has such good posture!

  • Briana Briggs
    Briana Briggs

    I love you so much suzie you remind me of my monther who passed away when i was 16 i just feel so comforted and calm waitching your videos i love doing nails still learning lots thank you for helping me get better and nalis and i just enjoy your great personality and the cameraman as well

  • Julia Blackwell
    Julia Blackwell

    Susie's excitement is so cute 🖤💜🥰

  • Julia Blackwell
    Julia Blackwell

    I adore you and these nails! 🖤💜

  • Selene Mathews
    Selene Mathews

    Hi can you do a Celtic/Pagan design without making the nail longer and without using acrylic nails?

  • jess williams
    jess williams

    love them x

  • Giselle Orengo
    Giselle Orengo

    Can you please do mermaid nails suzie 🤔🤷

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    Tasnim Rubaba

    Please do a cardi b nail art❤❤❤❤❤

  • Annette Petrin
    Annette Petrin

    Tisha, if you haven't purchased through pyramid collections, you might consider it. Tell I worked at the Pentagon, which required a dif style, business sheek? I loved wearing stuff like their collection. My son was more the drappy dark goth, chains, mohawks etc. Handy too having a cosmetologist as a mom. My 1st husband use to call one of my best friends in the salon/Management, well started off as receptionist when we got close. Her nickname was Black Widow. She had about your hair length, but after she met me and my metal head styles, she loved the way I gave her the soft look but really loved her wild hair. Her natural hair was a very dark blonde but colored black. If it wasnt for the stylist that ruined her hair prior, we may not have been so close. Though the school was pretty basic, most didnt realize they had the option to use Redkin laboratories in Canoga park, Ca. Though they don't or didn't actually do nail stuff, much of what is available to learn is also on nails, skin and hair. I saved her hair from melting off. No matter. I'm still lic, but returned to college, theater major. I love everything beauty as well I worked in floral, costumes, etc. I tended to wear a shorter sport nail tip.

  • Tamika Barber
    Tamika Barber

    Your goth is cute... Thank you! I'm new and I learn so much.

  • cute queen
    cute queen

    Can your nail make yellow after using acrylic nail

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    Jeremiah Bolejack

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    Sassy Ohms

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