Everything Wrong With Shrek Forever After
Well, this is a movie that happened. We counted the sins and, honestly, didn't have a lot of fun doing so.
Next week: survival sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • CinemaSins

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    • Ace Mc Sandwich
      Ace Mc Sandwich

      We need more Shrek

    • richard cano
      richard cano


    • Ace Mc Sandwich
      Ace Mc Sandwich

      CinemaSins you offend the lords beauty and might

    • Ace Mc Sandwich
      Ace Mc Sandwich

      CinemaSins there is nothing wrong with the lord

    • BurntFaceMan

      Where's everything wrong with Dt. Pikachu? Sooo many things to sin in that movie. =)

  • MrZubber2580xy

    Why does CimenaSins sound hyped and angry in the video

  • Lord big big
    Lord big big

    It’s empty

  • Im Shrek
    Im Shrek

    How dare he disrespect a GOD

  • Spaghetti Lesbian
    Spaghetti Lesbian

    How dare you?

  • J Lashley
    J Lashley

    Now this is too far

  • TheBros2theend

    Jesus Christ loves you

  • Shelley Jackson
    Shelley Jackson

    DAMN THAT BOOK seemed really funny and enjoyable how much for 13?

  • Dimo __
    Dimo __

    You have provoked a gang war

  • 3myr Ryamo
    3myr Ryamo

    Every frame of every single Shrek movie is bad.

  • PandaMan Crew
    PandaMan Crew

    next is what's wrong with the OB-GYN who didnt crush my baby skull

  • Jaxen Fisher
    Jaxen Fisher

    0:42 anytime ;)

  • Mariah Young
    Mariah Young

    The Shawshank reference killed me lol

  • Camilla Beckham
    Camilla Beckham

    End game

  • Col

    Do Hotel for Dogs

  • I'm sarcstic don't take me seriously
    I'm sarcstic don't take me seriously

    lol the guy in the vid made up a weird code in wich he said "nothing" for 16 minutes straight lmao

  • Rimuru Tempest
    Rimuru Tempest

    Strings is sounding pretty good to be honest

  • Gabrielle Washington
    Gabrielle Washington

    Everything wrong with k-12

  • Sam Spade
    Sam Spade

    so, as a humble fan of the series, I have to ask......why THE HELL haven't u done any of the Rush Hour movies yet??? Da fugg???

  • Asveen Ramchurn
    Asveen Ramchurn


  • 김재승

    Please do Chef or Ted or Ted2 please I beg you

  • Silent UwU
    Silent UwU

    Title: everything wrong with shrek- Me: *say sake rn*

  • Drego TV
    Drego TV

    Start remaking the videos that’s like 5 mins long

  • The ReTaRdEd DoLpHiN
    The ReTaRdEd DoLpHiN

    you should know how mapinful is for making a movie come one, make a movie and then we will know great you are

  • Doug Allord
    Doug Allord

    You must do the Keanu Reeves "Replicas" movie - the sin total would break any previous record

  • Bytah ツ
    Bytah ツ

    There is no sins in shriek how dare you

  • MR.Anonymos Memer
    MR.Anonymos Memer


  • cLiCkBaiT cHaNnEL
    cLiCkBaiT cHaNnEL

    There is nothing wrong Shrek is perfect

  • Chilled out Gamer
    Chilled out Gamer

    CinemaSins uploads Th3BirdMan:it's free real estate

  • Frost Glader
    Frost Glader

    ...it’s blank.

  • SupToadDan-mations

    Pls do 'Everything Wrong With *Ratchet & Clank* ' (2016 movie)

  • Michael Piekarz
    Michael Piekarz

    Does anyone else remember it as “Shrek: The final chapter”?

  • Riley Sassafras
    Riley Sassafras

    Apoplectic. Thanks for the new word!

  • Danny welsyt
    Danny welsyt

    no u wrong as fucc

  • Jt Ducati
    Jt Ducati

    Do final destination you’ll have fun with it

  • Brandan Robinson
    Brandan Robinson

    Which group dances better O for ogres M for minions

  • Geast Hubert
    Geast Hubert

    Do Steven universe the movie

  • Mason Lally
    Mason Lally

    Please do The Convent (2000) there are soooo many sins and I think it’s so bad that it’s good. Please!!!!

  • Gabriel Di Angelo
    Gabriel Di Angelo

    How could you? Shame

  • Alagon 1
    Alagon 1

    At least add 69 more sins to make it 690

  • john hauser
    john hauser

    shrek is good shrek is god

  • Ella Badenoch
    Ella Badenoch


  • J O H N
    J O H N

    Do the directors cut called “Shrek. The Fanfiction”

  • Awoken

    Soooo can we get EWW Turbo?

  • Twigz

    Absolutely nothing is wrong this is the best movie ever

  • mysticalunicorn 13
    mysticalunicorn 13

    How dare you

  • Fireboy 372
    Fireboy 372

    I really dont like this movie... the rest are classics but I think this one kinda sucks

  • Antonio Escareno
    Antonio Escareno

    They should have explored how shrek ties in with the entire ogre race

  • D4m4g3

    Do "The assignment" 1997 version.

  • Elsie Eyre
    Elsie Eyre

    do the new aladdin

  • Noah The Boss
    Noah The Boss

    Movies exist Cinemas sins: I’m about to end this mans whole career

  • AndresCube64

    Thank you for doing the video

  • Emily Grace
    Emily Grace

    Everything wrong with avengers endgame please!!!

  • Dylan Hibicke
    Dylan Hibicke

    Everything wrong with remember the Titans in 15 minutes or less

  • uh oh
    uh oh

    You absolute pathetic mushroom, how dare you insult one of the finest pieces of our media. Please, step on a lego.

  • Ryan Lopez
    Ryan Lopez

    But its Shrek, the ultimate move franchise?

  • That0neWeirdo

    Everything wrong with shrek Everyone: *TRIGGERED FAN NOISES*

  • veroyesenia

    YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam Tamplin
    Sam Tamplin

    So...why haven't they done Shrek 2?

  • Stefan Moore
    Stefan Moore

    Cinema sins i want you to sin deascendants cant spell and react to alex meyers saying why it dosent make sense you will know when you see it

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