Dipping Powder Nails - Suzie's Step by Step Tutorial
Suzie uses the Joya Mia Dipping Powder System in this detailed step by step tutorial.
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  • Lina Qaq
    Lina Qaq

    Can we dip with acrylic powder

    • Nail Career Education
      Nail Career Education

      Yes / dipping powder IS acrylic / check with manufacturer make sure its meant as a dip

  • lilly stanley
    lilly stanley

    suzie forgetting about her thumb for 23 minutes and 20 seconds

  • Andrea Ferris
    Andrea Ferris

    Love this video!!!!!! Thank you

  • Kaye Carter Mature Woman Daily Dose
    Kaye Carter Mature Woman Daily Dose

    Beautiful 💙💚💛🧡❤️💜

  • Sheila Owen
    Sheila Owen

    Love the colours but not the product. Could the powders be used as ordinary acrylic? It’s a lot of faffing, definitely not a fan. 🙁

  • gena sabbagh
    gena sabbagh

    Thanks so much for this video its very helpful though my only problem following you step by step is that it didnt come out as shiny as in the salon! Even though i added a third layer of the top 😓

  • Mighty Spouse
    Mighty Spouse

    I just, flat-out, don't like them.

  • Andréia Vicente
    Andréia Vicente

    Olá ! Primeira vez que vejo o seu vídeo e gostei muito do seu trabalho. E achei os produtos maravilhosos. Depois de 27 anos na área da saúde eu resolvi mudar de profissão. E está área que eu quero pra a minha vida. Não sei aonde eu consigo nestes produtos aqui no Brasil.

  • Precious Lewis
    Precious Lewis

    do short nails for me

  • Besette Robinson
    Besette Robinson

    I'm gonna try the dip method looks beautiful

  • Amber Dunn
    Amber Dunn

    Does anyone know of any videos to help keep dip powder systems sanitary for clients? I’m a little worried about everyone’s nails going into the same powder

    • Nail Career Education
      Nail Career Education

      You just dip into a selected amount and re dip the one client into powder and discard the rest

  • Jenae Say
    Jenae Say

    I love your videos. I find it an awesome new trend for those who want something to do from home :) however, I'm curious How is dipping even allowed in salons? People are getting infections from their fingers being dipped after someone else it's gross and very unsanitary!

    • Jenae Say
      Jenae Say

      I thought about separating the powder after I commented, yes I agree about the germs being everywhere however, when ppl have fungus or even merca they really shouldn't be coming into the salon anyways (my opinion) thanks for your response! Stay blessed.

    • Nail Career Education
      Nail Career Education

      It is now advised to separate the portion used for an application. Then discard the used. I do feel however the contamination may also be exaggerated. Im sure theres more germs on the door handle entering the salon than in the powder. I think we should consider how much waste there is though.

  • Joanne Jordan
    Joanne Jordan

    I recently saw a demonstration of a powder nail polish system that was only three steps, you brushed on the base then the colour then a top coat. It comes off with regular polish remover. Unfortunately I didn’t buy it! I was a fall fair so can’t go back,it’s over. I can’t remember the name of it. I wonder if anyone else has seen it?

  • Destiny Vargas
    Destiny Vargas

    You give me the therapy that I need. Watching these videos relaxes me so well🖤

  • Ladi Jane
    Ladi Jane

    This is my first time seeing you here, and I just love you, you remind me of my mother! I am about to start going through a lot more of your videos!

  • Gisel Anthony
    Gisel Anthony

    You're da bomb lady👍🏼👍🏻

  • amanda johnson
    amanda johnson

    I saw a way to fix that... putting the clear in the beginning only on the upper part of your nail... meaning leave the cuticle line and that would prevent so much buildup at the cuticle line 💕

  • Orlando Reyes
    Orlando Reyes

    Give me some a real nails

  • Schneider nora
    Schneider nora

    Please tell me the name of the things you us because I love them and I need them too

    • Schneider nora
      Schneider nora


  • Schneider nora
    Schneider nora

    I love that

  • ايمان الهدى الحيدري
    ايمان الهدى الحيدري

    واوووووو..رائع يامبدعه

  • Annette Pope
    Annette Pope

    There is nothing quick about this lol. I enjoyed watching you do this but I would much rather pay someone to do this for me lol. This has to be very costly. I have natural nails and use color street nail strips... so easy. Thank you for doing the video, you have a very soothing voice and tone.

  • sang yu
    sang yu

    Wow!!! Awesome

  • Madeline Mudd
    Madeline Mudd

    Does anyone else find with nail techs, that they get SUPER aggressive when tapping off the excess dipping powder!? :(

  • Penelope Aryn
    Penelope Aryn

    random question that I dont know will be answered...do you recommend a clear coat over the glitter nail for longer wear? Or does it matter?

  • Pretty PiiNkz
    Pretty PiiNkz

    You're suppose to put the activator on then file...Why didn't she just do these fresh and not on top of acrylic nails

  • Sandra fGermany
    Sandra fGermany

    Hello Suzie, I am very frustrated. My natural nails are so thin and broke here and there, so I tried gel polish to support my natural nails. Not thick enough for me and I don't feel safe. So next I try polygel, that's to thick, looks so faky on my natural nails and also it's so hard for me to apply this stuff.... And now Im looking for dip powder. My Questions, is it unhealthy? If seen a video from a girl and she said that dip powder is horrible and unhealthy and things like this. Is the Base glue? I don't know what to do. All I want is that my natural nails are a bit thicker and safer. Greetings from Germany. PS: You are so a beautiful Person, so relaxing, I love your videos.

  • Heaven's Devil
    Heaven's Devil

    Color dip systems have been my natural nails saving grace! They're just soo thin and weak and have been damn near impossible to grow long. Don't be discouraged to try. You can get a natural looking shape with a bit of filing so as your nails grow out it won't look funny or catch your hair. I've never used the clear powder as a base. I don't think it is necessary. The color powder is so highly pigmented two coats (would use clear powder over sparkly powder) is enough.

  • evrythng Beauty
    evrythng Beauty

    Oh my gosh! I'm so happy you used different colors! Sending love💕

  • Litetorture

    I love your speaking voice and clean spirit, I'm at work and this tutoria, which I may or may not try and replicate was very relaxing....Thank you :)

  • Sam Santos
    Sam Santos

    Your videos are so soothing, I feel like I'm watching Bob Ross paint his happy little trees

  • Michelle Dreucci
    Michelle Dreucci

    I think you could review the crappiest product and make it look professional!!! I love the videos!!

  • Cheryl S
    Cheryl S

    Oh I adore you 💗🌸

  • Cheryl S
    Cheryl S

    What a pain in the ass damn. I’ll stick to all other forms lmao👍🏼😜😂

  • Nisha Kawathiyavery nice song
    Nisha Kawathiyavery nice song

    Thank u mam for teaching in proper way your nails are so beautiful love u

  • HaydenVista Lake
    HaydenVista Lake

    Please Help!! Ok maybe you can help me.. I went to a salon with beautiful nails and they put a regular polish on that lasted approximately a week. I went in a week later and they used a gel. Again3 weeks later had a gel put on again. My nails starting breaking. I finally had to cut all my nails off. What is the difference between all these different nail techniques? I mean it used to be just going in and having fake nails put on and then you would go bk every couple of weeks for new growth and a new color. Now you have gel, acrylic, etc etc. I heard they can put nails on and add the dipping powder and this will allow your nails to grow out and your nail underneath won’t be damaged. It will continue to grow and you can eventually take the fake nail off?? I’m all confused. Maybe I have been living in Nader a rock.. lol Nahh I just don’t understand all the techniques. What’s the best to use when I have my own grown out nails again or if I want to have a set of nails put on...?

  • Betty Smith
    Betty Smith

    Hey hun love your work, wish I could do nails like you.Can you do a taper square nail shape tutorial please! Keep up the good work💪🏽🙌🏽👍🏽

  • Griselda Molina
    Griselda Molina

    I wanted to click out this video but her voice got me so relaxed and just so smooth work she does... I watched a lot of her videos now for relaxation she's amazing at what does too...

  • Pamela Zmroczek
    Pamela Zmroczek

    You have answered all the questions I had, except the price

  • Gabrielle Fourie
    Gabrielle Fourie

    Hey Suzi. Would it be possible to use normal acrylic powder for this technique?

  • anitagreg2010

    Wonderful video. Today was my 3rd try dipping on short natural nails. First time disaster. 2nd time not too bad. This time it (almost) looks like I had them done at salon. Even my husband thought so.I need to use it for strength on my thin nails. I'm too much of a DIY home remodeler, chef and on my computer full time to have long acrylics. I think dip nails are the solution!

  • Robby V.
    Robby V.

    I guess you could say dip powder is a diet acrylic as the bond that forms isn't as strong and adhered to on your nail bed as acrylic is Is, but almost as hard in strength it easier to remove. And apply. Gel, resin, liquid powder acrylics and dip all contain an acrylates polymer.

  • Robby V.
    Robby V.

    I love your videos and your knowledge and skill. For people who watch, but that was incorrect when you said that dip powder is meant to be used on Natural Nails and not for extensions are tips. That was where you were incorrect they can be used to add length. There's also a proper technique on how to build a nail with dip powder. Just go watch SNS tutorials to see what I mean. And another thing dip powder is basically in the acrylic family. The glue is your acrylic liquid and dipping powder is your acrylic powder. Chemically acrylics taking time to cure dip being instant. But basically it's acrylic and in strength too

  • kylie cooper
    kylie cooper

    Susie where did you get your hand rest

    • Kayla

      kylie cooper I wonder that too every time I see it in one of her videos but I haven’t found one similar yet 🙁

  • helfTASTIC

    Excellent tutorial!! I've been dipping for over a year now and have used a few different liquid systems. Never have I been told to follow the last activator step so quickly with top coat! In fact I'm told that when I have topcoat issues it's because my activator wasn't dry fully. And to be very careful not to contaminate my top coat with activator! Is this unique to Joya Mia's liquids??

  • A Darice
    A Darice

    I have steered clear of dip because it does not seem sanitary to have other peoples cuticles in before me. I may try it now though.

  • Customer Service
    Customer Service

    What can you do to make SNS nails look brighter between fill ends?

  • Helle Kimery
    Helle Kimery

    Been doing various dip systems with my clients for at least 20 years now, and I don’t recommend shoving you nail into the jar like you showed here, as product can get too thick, and pushed towards the cuticle! I learned to “ lay” my clients nail into the powder instead, that way, you don’t get any empty spaces or mega thick bumpy application. Many clients wants the same color for weeks, so you won’t want them too thick. I also had a little bottle where I’d sprinkle the product on, if needed for a second layer. Then you should have next to no filing ! I also used the different types of activators in between coats, let it set and do a second dip. Most activators are sprayed on, and the nail, is done instantly ! Just tips I’ve learned over time. And these systems are not new - neither is coloured acrylic. I never used the actual container to dip into, since drops of glue will sometimes be left in your powder, wasting lots of product, and not maybe the most hygienic way to do a clients nails ? I would drizzle enough out on a shallow dish instead.

  • Kym Kiswe
    Kym Kiswe

    I just want to rectify something you said, indeed you can’t lengthen the nail with a form but the dip system can be used as a nail enhancement not only to cover natural nails. If you want you can go check on Instagram this page @roxee_naiils_addict she is only doing dip powder.

  • Kisha Lee
    Kisha Lee

    The item that you have your hand propped on is really cute.

  • Jfvlco

    Can you do a video on how to remove the dipping powder off the natural nail? I tried soaking but it never all comes off so I end up filing with my e-file and it always burns

    • Valerie Harper
      Valerie Harper

      Jfvlco file before you soak

  • Keyana Thompson
    Keyana Thompson

    I love watching you do nails cause now i have a million ideas of what i could do next to my nails

  • kitty 724
    kitty 724

    I LOVE nail dip kits- i own two- and they are amazing, way less time consuming then going to the nail salon, i apply it to my natural nail- it was a learning curve to get them the way i like them specially around the cuticle but now i cnt wait to do them

  • Jeannette Grondin
    Jeannette Grondin

    This is great for individuals with shaky hands and mess up nail polish all the time

  • Tanja Firan
    Tanja Firan

    Toll superb gemacht danke für dein vidoclip 💗

  • Evelyn Arlene
    Evelyn Arlene

    Your Nail Game is STRONG!

  • nilsa ortiz
    nilsa ortiz

    Hi I really enjoy watching all your videos have learned a lot. My question is about the dipping powders. You said that they cannot be used with gels. Why can't they be used with gel?

  • Kids Fun and Learn
    Kids Fun and Learn

    WoW!!...nice colors

  • diane mosher
    diane mosher

    Unrealistic nails, more like claws!,,

  • Lilmama Taurus
    Lilmama Taurus

    Love the purple wow its gorg!! And love the song slow motion.great video! 👍