Can-am XMR 1000 in swimming pool, SEND IT
Redneck pool party atv in swimming
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#canam #XMR1000 #doingdeep

  • Chris King
    Chris King

    Divan hattinght you are so dumb can’t spell stupid

  • Tyrique Wolfe
    Tyrique Wolfe

    R u recording on and android💀💀💀

  • Supercar Hunters
    Supercar Hunters


  • C a
    C a

    Way to go bubba! Was your sister/wife ok with this?

  • Divan Hattingh
    Divan Hattingh

    You are so dum and stuped

  • Layton Thompson
    Layton Thompson

    Hold my beer and wach

  • Ok Boomer
    Ok Boomer

    Yr a show off like wtf did u think was going to happen did u think u where going to float or some shit and u are fucking your pool driving a quad in it like u so stupid and of course u think yr so cool but really yr just a low life idiot trying to get attention u don’t know wtf yr at driving in a pool and maybe if u where smart enough to not drive in the pool u wouldn’t have such a hard time getting out idiot

    • Layton Thompson
      Layton Thompson

      @Mundane TV I agree with the guy that said chill and I agree

    • Mundane TV
      Mundane TV

      Ok Boomer - Damn chill

  • Coulter Myers
    Coulter Myers

    Cool cool

  • TheMan724

    If it was a Honda you could sink it then do it again

  • Vanessa Jiménez
    Vanessa Jiménez

    Poca madre 😛😍

  • João do Free fire
    João do Free fire

    Nossa cara que isso

  • rsmith89b

    Babe, I'm a moron and I'm going to prove it, hold my beer. Let me in the house. Cause that's always a good idea. no wonder home owner insurance is on the rise. Insurance companies watch stuff like this and this and think, "We never considered that before". All homes with pools, increase rates, just incase this guy buys the house. This is what happens when you have too much money and don't know what to do with it. Bet this is added to the safety card when you buy a new four wheeler.

  • Marco Lima
    Marco Lima

    It's just stupid

    • Marco Lima
      Marco Lima

      @Dusk that's right

    • Dusk

      @Layton Thompson because its entertaining, but fucking stupid

    • Layton Thompson
      Layton Thompson

      Why did you wach it then

  • robina asif
    robina asif

    That son of a bitch is a street legal jetski

    • Vanbam

      robina asif lol

  • wilek pl
    wilek pl


  • Pardo_360


  • yagız öksüm
    yagız öksüm

    We dont need to hold his beer

  • Calthecool

    This guy doesn’t say “hold my beer”, he just sends it with beer in hand.

  • Calthecool

    Full send. With beer in hand.

  • Ginja Ninja
    Ginja Ninja


  • Enduro Sol 27
    Enduro Sol 27

    0:20 This guy be like.Hold my beer

  • Federal Beareau Of Investigations
    Federal Beareau Of Investigations


  • Adam Jurrens
    Adam Jurrens

  • Giovanni Rocco Riccio
    Giovanni Rocco Riccio

    Tu nun stai buon

  • Vertti syrjälä
    Vertti syrjälä

    Perseeseen sormi

    • joo o
      joo o


    • Eight Bit Morph
      Eight Bit Morph


  • Michigan USA/Singapore S.E.Asia
    Michigan USA/Singapore S.E.Asia

    Totally silly... he ha

  • Jalanice Rodriguez
    Jalanice Rodriguez

    EEeCall of Duty®: Mobile por Activision Publishing, Inc.

  • Veeti Roininen
    Veeti Roininen


  • samuli nykyri
    samuli nykyri

    Perseeseen sormi

    • eee äz jonnedsz
      eee äz jonnedsz


  • Rednecker 25
    Rednecker 25

    Damn sounds like everybody dont know how to have fun in here

    • Michigan USA/Singapore S.E.Asia
      Michigan USA/Singapore S.E.Asia

      Rednecker 25 yeah ha

  • JAK3

    American idiot

    • Momo Cox
      Momo Cox

      Shut the hell up city person you don’t know nothing about the country

    • Саня

      О русский!

    • bobscho3310

      American idol

    • X Z
      X Z



    Man he seems like an annoying person 😒😒

    • Momo Cox
      Momo Cox

      THE CREW You don’t know anything about the country do you

    • Nick Wiehe
      Nick Wiehe

      THE CREW showing off everything he’s got

  • Sashi Gacha Life
    Sashi Gacha Life

    Suomenkielisessä youtubessa videon nimi on perseeseen sormi

    • Pessi Haverinen
      Pessi Haverinen


    • eee äz jonnedsz
      eee äz jonnedsz


    • Veikka Uusitalo
      Veikka Uusitalo


  • Mylene Ledbetter
    Mylene Ledbetter

    u drunk

  • Midnight cloud
    Midnight cloud

    I bet you people can get stupider

  • Kaan Tozlu
    Kaan Tozlu


  • Benard Vincent
    Benard Vincent

    How to give a quad bike a shower

  • David Zapata
    David Zapata

    How much cust one like this???

    • City Bike Racing
      City Bike Racing

      A new one will run you about 15k

    • X Fan
      X Fan

      10k or more

  • Blake Emig
    Blake Emig

    One of the most dumbest videos I have seen in a LONG time.

    • Midnight cloud
      Midnight cloud


  • Alexander Andersson
    Alexander Andersson

    Hold my beer 101

  • Elias Vuollet
    Elias Vuollet

    mitä vittua

    • joo o
      joo o


    • eee äz jonnedsz
      eee äz jonnedsz

      @Sashi Gacha Life makkaraa

    • Sashi Gacha Life
      Sashi Gacha Life

      Perseeseen sormi

  • Elias Vuollet
    Elias Vuollet


    • eee äz jonnedsz
      eee äz jonnedsz

      perseeseen sormi

  • Marcus Andersson
    Marcus Andersson

    Its a can am baby 😂😂

  • Hatice Danacı
    Hatice Danacı


  • Craig Donaldson
    Craig Donaldson

    What a fucking douche bag

    • Alain St-Pierre
      Alain St-Pierre

      Craig!!!! a douche is for woman like you👊🍻

  • SuperHyperConsoleBoy

    one of the most american things I've ever seen X3

  • Duclas aurelio Delgado cueto
    Duclas aurelio Delgado cueto


  • Braylon Morrison
    Braylon Morrison

    1:00 park it

  • Not Vladimir Putin
    Not Vladimir Putin

    3:00 air intake filter: *drowns.* Can-am: You do not have permission to break!

    • ARandomPersonOnTheInternet *
      ARandomPersonOnTheInternet *

      Thats just a cooler

    • Joseph Carter
      Joseph Carter

      Not Vladimir Putin it’s snorkeled out of the top in front of handle bars

  • Luke Fry
    Luke Fry


  • EightBitMorph

    Heh heh Käännökset menee näköjään läpi ilman minkäänlaista tarkastusta... "Perseeseen sormi - makkaraa" Kukaan muu Redditistä? tsekatkaa mun kanava kans

  • Juusto

    Mikä vittu tää video on?

    • ARandomPersonOnTheInternet *
      ARandomPersonOnTheInternet *

      "Can-am XMR 1000 In swimming pool, SEND IT"

    • Juusto

      @ARandomPersonOnTheInternet *Mikä se oli? En muista enää.

    • ARandomPersonOnTheInternet *
      ARandomPersonOnTheInternet *

      Ennen oli otsikko jotain ihan muuta...

    • GJS

      Juusto perseeseen sormi makkaraa ilmeisesti

  • Santeri Kivelä
    Santeri Kivelä

    Nimi on mielenkiintoinen

  • GJS

    Miks tän videon nimi on perseeseen sormi

    • joo o
      joo o


  • Ravindecavalier

    This is why I love white people

  • bosanski dečak
    bosanski dečak

    PARK IT!

  • Dwight shrutte
    Dwight shrutte

    He did it all with a beer in his left hand. What a DAD

    • Craze_ Flat
      Craze_ Flat

      Left hand

  • WyteIslandDude

    What happened to that couch? Nice house, bum furniture?

  • Jayden Bosman
    Jayden Bosman

    This what you call an idiot

    • Alain St-Pierre
      Alain St-Pierre

      Jayden!!!! Idiot is for boy's like you👊🍻

    • Dwight shrutte
      Dwight shrutte

      No... That's what you call... A legend

  • Donna BABE
    Donna BABE

    You haven't lived life until you ride a can am into a swimming pool at a party