40 BEAUTY HACKS TO LOOK AMAZING! || Easy Beauty And Makeup Life Hacks
Hello, girls! Looking stunning every day is a great work that’s why we want to help you. Watch this video and find a selection of cheap beauty products that will change your life:
-Here is a simple way to remove underarm hair using out the cool recipe: mix coffee, lemon juice, and toothpaste. Apply this mixture, wait for a while and clean your underarm using tissue
-We share the cheapest way to exfoliate chapped lips - use sticky tape. Don’t forget to use lip balm when it’s cold outside
-This idea is crazy - you can dye your hair using a washable highlighter and hair conditioner. Choose a couple of colors you like. Remove the ink tube from a marker. Next, dip the tube into the water for several minutes. Remove the submerged tube from water and blow the ink out of the tube into a container. Mix the ink with a hair conditioner. Wearing disposable gloves apply the dye on your hair. Wait a bit and wash.
-Most of the girls are not satisfied with thin lips and we know a perfect lifehack. Check out an easy way to plump your thin lips. You will need clear lip gloss and peppermint essential oil. All you need is to add a few drops of essential oil to the lip gloss
-Do not spend a lot of money on patches. Make patches for dark circles at home. Follow these easy steps: combine gelatin with water, add mint leaves, parsley, and almond oil. Stir this mixture properly and spread this mixture over parchment paper. Let sit and cut out small parts to make patches
-If your flat iron is dirty, clean it very quickly with Coke and towel. Yes, it’s not a joke, you will find a tutorial in the video
01:54 How to dye your hair at home
02:45 Peppermint oil for thin lips
03:08 DIY Patches for dark circles
04:52 How to clean cosmetic brushes
07:14 DRY Shampoo for oily hair
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