37 Smart Life Hacks
Power Vision
Hi guys.
In this video, I will show you life hacks just make your life easier.
You will learn how to cool Coca-Cola with a balloon, how to get rid of a splinter with a hot glass, how to remove a broken bulb, how to safely hide your money and much more.
Watch and enjoy.

  • Power Vision
    Power Vision

    Hi Guys! Next comment "SPLINTER" in your language. LOVE U!

    • o rafail gamer
      o rafail gamer


    • Killer Robot
      Killer Robot

      Staging my ar with a wall tax to get it out 😩😫😫😖😖😖😣😣

    • Igor Jedrych
      Igor Jedrych


    • o rafail gamer
      o rafail gamer

      Power Vision sud

    • KRT CAT
      KRT CAT



    99% of these " Life Hacks ", are absolutely useless lmao.

  • Koustubh Bagchi
    Koustubh Bagchi

    more like 5 mins extra to do simple stuffs

  • Ivanessa Paula
    Ivanessa Paula

    2019 alguém...?

  • New Day- Dember
    New Day- Dember

    18:36 serious it was already cut

  • The unknown Dude
    The unknown Dude

    Who else is here cuz of the splinter and also who else is scrolling for the splinter

  • Charlie Davies
    Charlie Davies

    Anybody gonna thank this man for giving himself a splinter to show us an idea of how to remove one???

  • Astrid Marksman
    Astrid Marksman

    Sharp glass?? *STAB IT WITH YOUR FINGER*

  • Nicola Wirz
    Nicola Wirz

    these are the most useless hacks ig ever seen

  • Benevaldo Dos santos
    Benevaldo Dos santos

    Msm que a pessoa abra uma latrinha de refrigerante com uma folha de papel forteficado msm assim ainda o risco da pessoa cortar um dos dedos 🤔

  • Jane Taylor
    Jane Taylor

    Some of these hacks are downright dangerous! Stop putting people's lives at risk!

  • sunshine12 norain
    sunshine12 norain

    Amazing beautiful pretty Fam useful

  • Classic Movies
    Classic Movies

    New Tesla car trsoft.info/hd/video/wn-30dF2hWqDb6Y

  • 許皓韶

    chinese hakka Solution

  • Lee Free
    Lee Free

    Bullshit, no matter what you use to tie up your headphones, they always tangle up still.

  • Kauã Almeida
    Kauã Almeida

    Vamo so os br aqui krl

  • JD Vines
    JD Vines

    Does any one else feel like the balloon on the light was a bad idea..... Lol

  • hdj808


  • Stu freeman
    Stu freeman

    should be " life hacks that give you typhoid "

  • Jon Paul
    Jon Paul

    I just about set my apartment complex on fire from the balloon over light bulb. You may want to start putting up a do not try at home disclaimer at beginning of each video.

  • Troll 1
    Troll 1

    Man tell me why you make this "super usefull" lifehacks??? You come home from the shop and deamon comes into your mind and tell you: make some lifehacks bro lifehacks are future" and you say oooooooooo man that's perfect idea i'm going to put the f*cking baloon on the lamp and i don't mind that lamp after 2 minutes of shining heets up to 70 maybe 80 degrees and baloon melts and you can throw that lamp to trash can. Jesus if i've been owner of YT i banned all of these f*cking channels and deleted owners of these channels from the world🤬🤬🤬

  • Makaroonimössö

    Oh communism

  • The Good Doctor
    The Good Doctor

    Wait, couldn’t the splinter trick also work with just a warm glass? Cause all you’re doing is creating a difference of pressure and that can be done with anything that can produce suction.

  • Karli Blevins
    Karli Blevins

    If the tab of your soda can breaks, you can always use your keys and shotgun it. You could also toughen up and use your thumb. There may be a few cuts, but you at least have a nice beverage to drink while your thumb is bleeding.

  • Dhanang Wicaksono
    Dhanang Wicaksono

    tricknya mungkin baru di luar negeri sana, tapi di Indonesia, terutama masyarakat ekonomi menengah ke bawah, banyak trik yg udah biasa.

  • Unkown Error
    Unkown Error

    Whats the point of making a ketchup bottle WHEN YOU SHOULD ALREADY HAVE ONE

  • Tiny MisterMan
    Tiny MisterMan

    The only problem on this video you put fucking ketchup on bread without topping i was okay if its with topping(this is just a joke)

  • Роман Касимов
    Роман Касимов

    Лайфхаки для дебилов из этого ролика

  • Grimm metal gaming
    Grimm metal gaming

    Bro did this guy have to whip out the kit kat and pringles lol. So hungry now

  • matt smedley
    matt smedley

    5.30 for the splinter / hot shot glass. So many of these are just laughable.