5-Minute Crafts
Check out a collection of awesome school hacks that you totally should try! All these tips will make your life much easier and you will have a lot of fun! Besides, share these life hacks with your friends to amaze them and ease their lives too.
Do you know creative ways students usually use to cheat? You will learn how to change a bad mark, how to cheat using a ruler or utility knife and other genius ideas. Check out how to hide your phone in a notebook. I bet you haven't know how multifunctional paper clips could be! We share a lot of surprising ways to use paper clips.
Are you tired of your old backpack? Do not throw it away as you can easily revamp it with your hands. All you need is spray paint and sticky paper. We share a cool lifehack with chalk. Dip chalk into it and it will not allow chalk to crumbling. Do you like tye dye print? We share a cool idea of how to easily create this print on your backpack. Modeling clay is a perfect material for crafting! Use it to make beautiful customized pens and pencils!
If you tend to often lose the pen cap, attach yarn to the pen and glue the cap to the other end. If you need a compass, make it using a pen, pencil and binder clip. Watch the full tutorial in our video.
Don’t forget to share these ideas with your friends!
00:34 Creative cheating ideas
01:42 Paper clip hacks
03:22 Cool math trick
09:57 Cute phone case idea
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  • Klikk Klokk
    Klikk Klokk

    why do you need a knife at school? oh i know, to hide answers

  • Pansexual Valentine
    Pansexual Valentine

    is no one talking about the Harry Potter reference (mischief managed) at 1:15

  • yLuK4s-G4ChaBr G4M3r
    yLuK4s-G4ChaBr G4M3r

    3:33 Omg! 666

  • Abhrajit Dey
    Abhrajit Dey

    Don’t try this at exam 😂😅😅😅✔️✔️✔️✔️

  • ToffeeRecord

    4:53 is obviously cut

  • despacito spider
    despacito spider

    (Brings knife to school) Can't cheat on a test if there are no teachers to run it!



  • Zacatecas17

    Ok that teacher used a freaking CRAYON to write

  • Zacatecas17

    Yeah they'll totally let you bring a hidden knife to school


    37x3 =111 37×6=222 27×9=333 37×12=444 37×15=555 37×18=666 Ur possessed

  • SleepyKat *
    SleepyKat *

    @ 0:17 won’t the teachers have your marks already since THEY graded them for the grade books

  • awais iqbal
    awais iqbal

    It's a cheating tutorial for students... 🙏

  • Drew Foley
    Drew Foley

    Would totally get in trouble for haveing a weapon just so I wouldn’t fail a test

  • Elias Salgado
    Elias Salgado

    I knew that taking off the metal part more erase part come out I do it all the time

  • Ryley Dhaliwal
    Ryley Dhaliwal

    who watches these just to watch them, and then does nothing about all of this?

  • Amy-Louise Flannigan
    Amy-Louise Flannigan

    13:23 When you try to erase your depression

  • Get your Lyrics
    Get your Lyrics

    It’s not an example to kids

  • Get your Lyrics
    Get your Lyrics

    Man y’all are dumb stop doing these life hacks they are never useful to me

  • pumpkin with a knife
    pumpkin with a knife

    1:36 aaa yes the trusty knife in school aways useful

  • Jensyn Serum
    Jensyn Serum

    i like 5 minute crafts

  • Derp general
    Derp general

    Sweet I am gonna bring a box cutter to school and cheat

  • Eve Morales
    Eve Morales

    Who would let a kid bring a knife

  • Super Mario Luigi
    Super Mario Luigi

    Does anybody notice that they are bringing a knife in school to cheat!?!?

  • Beebo Huggs
    Beebo Huggs

    Really a knife 👎🏻down for 5- minute craft. No one thought this through😐

  • angelasue221

    Didnt they just know they wrote the devils number on the chalkboard?

  • Razan Mizo
    Razan Mizo

    Oh I wanna know what school lets kids bring knives to school

  • Evoli the eevee
    Evoli the eevee

    Oh yes cheating will get you through life, also there's a reason teachers write with pen or markers

  • Andrew

    Ah, I am just looking at my blade, teacher.

  • Lena Czajkowska
    Lena Czajkowska

    Tylko wy podpurzczacie ludzi !

  • Sky

    Aaa yes because i to bring my protractor to a science exam